Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dates - First Trailer

The nine part drama, Dates from Skins creator Bryan Elsley has finally released a trailer and I have to say that I'm actually rather impressed with the look of it. Not only does it seem to have a rather mature feel to it with some of the most talented actors on the block but it also seems that just like SkyLiving's recent Love Matters series and last year's BBC1 late night drama, True Love, there is at least one gay themed storyline.

The episode (which hasn't been specified to which one it is) sees former Merlin actress Katie McGrath playing a young woman named Kate who goes on a date with a character played by Fresh Meat's Gemma Chan and given the reaction it's generated on Tumblr so far, you can tell that this is going to be quite a discussion worthy episode when it does air.

Of course this won't be the only time we get to see the lovely actress over the summer as she'll also be appearing in the upcoming Dracula series airing on SkyLiving as well but right now, this is a good series to see her, if you missed her recent appearance in Labyrinth. And yes, there will be further blogs about this upcoming series.

Dates Trailer:!

Dates will air on Channel 4 in June.

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