Wednesday, April 03, 2013

True Blood - Season 6 Trailer/New Casting News

Sorry, meant to do this yesterday but things got in the way. I have to admit, I've now rewatched the trailer for True Blood's upcoming sixth season and I am hoping that it will be a marked improvement from the previous year. Some of the highlights ...

Sookie and Eric - let's face it, even in one scene together is enough to make some fans squee in delight. They might not be a couple this season but I'm certain the interactions between the telepathic waitress and Viking vampire won't be that few and far between. Besides they have a little certain someone to deal with, don't they?

Billith or Bill, whatever you fancy calling him nowadays. I know there are most fangirls hoping beyond doubt that the producers will kill him off this season but I wouldn't be so sure. I'm not entirely sure he'll be the main villain this season, despite becoming a crazed fanatic. However, a war between vampires and humans does seem rather imminent though.

And there's also Warlow, who I guess at this point is probably played by Rutger Hauer. I'm guessing Macklyn is his first name and his connection to Sookie and Jason does give him more importance to them than the Authority storyline from last season did. Unless they are really two different characters.

Speaking of Jason, it does seem we're not going to get that much further with him and Jessica, considering that he's on a vampire slaying mission of his own and that he's also getting caught up in a love triangle as well later in the season. Personally, I'm hoping for some more interactions with him and Steve Newlin, the latter who is also appearing in the new season.

And there's Alcide as well. Doesn't he look pissed off in the trailer (along with his usual shirtlessness)? Punching Sam certainly isn't cool either and I am not going to be pleased if we get yet ANOTHER V addiction storyline. Seriously, knock it off, writers. Other bits from the trailer saw Jessica looking scared and Tara standing her ground with Pam, something which I can't wait to see on screen.

Elsewhere, former Brothers & Sisters actor Luke Grimes has been cast as a 70s era vampire named James, who is an emotionally deeper bloodsucker than we're used to seeing. Other casting includes Karolina Wydra as sexy vampire Violet, who is just as dangerous as both Bill and Eric. It will be Grimes character who will be involved in part of a love triangle with Jason and a female character. He will appear midway in the season and may become a regular if the show is picked up for a seventh year.

Season 6 Trailer:

Season 6 of True Blood will air Sundays at 9pm on HBO from June 16th.

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