Monday, April 29, 2013

Soap Discussion - April 2013

Coronation Street: An extremely solid month for the show. I never thought Karl and his worming back into Stella's good books would actually make for interesting TV but surprisingly enough it's managed to so far and that's good because Tommy and Gary's rivalry over Tina and Chesney/Katy/Ryan have been less interesting plotlines to watch as a result.

EastEnders: Does anyone care about Kirsty tricking Max into thinking she's with child? Yeah, didn't think so but on the plus side, at least Janine has return and the rivalry with her and Michael has been more engaging to watch. Also more engaging has been the fallout from Liam's gang activity, even if the actor playing Kane is still dire and Sharon and Jack predictably breaking up was surprisingly entertaining enough too. Bet he won't be happy when he finds out who she's living with now.

Emmerdale: And the award for most improve soap really should go to this one. Last year, most of the stories were enough to bore me rigid but here, things have genuinely gotten more interesting or entertaining such as Brenda's health deteriorating, the growing closeness with Moira and Cain, Debbie nearly getting trigger happy with Chastity and the whole fallout from Charity nearly catching Jai out over Archie's paternity and being blind sighted by Rishi's cover story.

Hollyoaks: So long Jacqui. Aside from John Paul, you were the best of the McQueen lot and I can't help feeling that your rushed exit and this show's insistence on Mercedes being kept means that we've been shortchanged. On the plus side, at least you've one dream even if you didn't get Tony in the end. As for the rest of the month, Will needs to die pretty swiftly instead of Texas, Robbie is annoying and Sinead is surprisingly tolerable, despite her penchant for getting into more lorry related accidents and Patrick truly is a nasty piece of work given his scenes with Anna. The less said about Clare's kidnapping schemes the better though.

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