Saturday, April 20, 2013

Glee Renewed For Seasons 5 & 6

Well, it's true. It seems that while this show might not be the powerhouse it once was, FOX have still announced that Glee will be returning for both a fifth and a sixth season yesterday.

I think like most people, a fifth season of the show was completely expected but a sixth one on top of it seemed to come out of nowhere. Can the show really justify running for a sixth season, especially if by the end of it's fifth run, virtually all of the newbies will have graduated? To me, it seems more like the show is probably drawing to it's natural conclusion and it will be interesting to see if these two seasons can retain the bigger original cast members as well, though it's likely they may become recurring guest stars and there are rumours that Ryan Murphy might not have as much input next season due to the amount of projects he's taking on - American Horror Story: Coven for FX, The New Normal for NBC and both The Normal Heart and Open for HBO.

As for The Glee Project, that show's future seems to be in murkier territory. An announcement for a third season has yet to be made. Personally, I was able to watch bits of the first season but decided not to bother with the second season. I don'imt think this particular show really does need or justify renewal but that's my own personal opinion on the matter.

Press Release:

Glee continues to air Sundays at 8pm on Sky1 for UK viewers and Thursdays at 9pm on FOX for US viewers.

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