Thursday, June 06, 2013

Dexter - Season 8: How Should It End?

If you can guess from my blog, I don't tend to watch a lot of procedural dramas and usually the exceptions to the rule are that for good reasons - and let's face it, Dexter is most definitely an exception to the rule.

It's amazing that Showtime have managed to get eight seasons out of Jeff Lindsay's book series of a serial killer Dexter Morgan who mainly kills bad guys but with an excellent lead actor in Michael C. Hall, a wonderful supporting cast (namely Jennifer Carpenter as the utterly magnificent Debra Morgan) and a brilliant writing staff, the time has come to say goodbye to this wonderful show and Season Eight is that season. Now the question remains - how should it end?

Away With Murder: Why not? After all - this is a television show and not real life and Dexter's victims have primarily been actual threats to society and bigger monsters than himself. Do we really want the Brian Moser/Lila Tournay/Arthur Mitchell/Travis Marshall to name a few out on the street terrorising and slaughtering innocent victims? In his own twisted, Dexter has done good in that respect even if his motives were anything but altruistic.

He Has To Pay: Then again, Dexter's actions might have resulted in some of the most dangerous people being taken off the street but they haven't come without prices as well. People like Doakes, Maria and Rita have all died as a consequence of the double life that Dexter has led and he has killed at least one or two undeserving victims as well. Worse still, without meaning to, he's actually compromised Deb, who ended up shooting Maria in order to protect his secret and then there's Harrison to consider as well. Perhaps Dexter should pay for his many, many crimes over the years with the options being incarceration or his own demise.

Either of these scenarios will end up the ultimate result as the eighth and final season begins to air next month and it's nice to see that Showtime are ramping up the promotions for it. The concept trailers focusing on Masterpieces, Masks and Killer Or Innocent Victim are a nicely way of highlighting the dark journeys both Dexter and Deb have gone on over the series and the use of Tom Odell's Can't Pretend (funny, the final season of Being Human used the same song) has certainly ramped up my own enthusiasm for the last season. I'm gonna miss this show but it certainly seems like it's going out with a bloody bang.

Season 8: Killer Or Innocent Victim Trailer:
Season 8: Masterpiece Trailer:
Season 8: Behind A Mask Trailer:

Dexter's eighth and final season will air Sundays at 9pm on both Showtime and FOX from June 30th and July 7th respectively.

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delilah.kathryn said...

For me it is really difficult to make up my mind on how I want the show to end. I'm still hoping for the "Something-in-between" - solution opposed to the obvious #1 get-away-with-murder or #2 pay-for-what-he's-done option. Either way, I'm probably gonna be good with whatever ending they write, while before I was always rooting for MY ending and then was disappointed by the ending they chose most of the times. I guess, that's a good thing and makes me look forward to the final season even more...