Monday, June 17, 2013

My Review of True Blood's 6x01: "Who Are You, Really?"

Written by Raelle Tucker
Directed by Stephen Moyer

Sookie: “What are you?”
Nora: “Are you Lilith?”
Bill: “I am Bill Compton, though clearly I am something more. I see that now. I see everything so differently now.”

For those potentially hoping that the arrival of Bilith would mean that a certain Mr Compton might be on borrowed time, then there’s a chance this episode might end up disappointing you. Bill Compton might be no more to a certain degree but there’s still a part of him that lives on a little.

This part was evident by his refusal to kill any of the gang, especially Sookie who actually staked him defending Eric and more importantly, his compassion for Jessica asserted itself nicely when she elected to stay at his side. I’m not sure where the writers are intending to go with Bilith but I am certainly intrigued but then again, I also spotted a trend in this episode too.

Bilith seems to be one of three main antagonists for this season but the more fanatical side of the character seemed absent in this episode. Sure he might have blown up the Authority and used a horribly extreme method of summoning Jessica (hasn’t that girl been through enough?) but again, he didn’t kill anybody or perpetuated any of the annoying Lilith spiel we had to endure last season.

Basically, he’s an unpredictable loose cannon and truth be told, Stephen Moyer has never been on finer form either. He really has had some new life breathed into his character and it definitely reflected in the performance this week. I don’t think Bill has ever been more interesting than he is right about now and the nice thing is that the other two antagonists are similarly interesting too.

Take Governor Burrell for instance. He might be imposing curfews for vampires and seizing control of businesses such as Fangtasia but he’s also meeting up with Tru Blood factory people as well and offering them a place of operation too. I’m not entirely sure what his game is yet but Arliss Howard managed to impress me with only two scenes. I really hope that unlike the Authority he doesn’t peter out and become less interesting as the season progresses.

As for the last villain – who was shocked to learn that Rutgar Hauer would be playing Macklyn Warlow? Anyone? I didn’t think so. What I was shocked about is how long it took Jason to piece it together before Warlow did a disappearing act in the truck. And he’s left some words on a bloody parchment for Sookie to look at as well, so along with Bilith and Burrell, I can’t see him being a straightforward villain either. So far, so impressive on the baddies front.

As for our main characters – I can’t decide who annoyed me more – Jason or Pam. Pam certainly pissed me off with her annoying petulant behaviour throughout the episode that I was delighted to have Eric, Nora and more interestingly, Tara actually put her in her place a few times throughout the place. Pam and Tara might have had sex in this episode but it’s certainly not the start of something beautiful just yet. It also didn’t help that Tara suffered once again for standing up for someone she loves when Fangtasia was raided by Burrell’s men as well.

As for Jason – we get it, vampires killed your parents. I sympathise with the bloke as much as the next person but he behaved like a jackass towards Sookie and he stupidly divulged information to Warlow as well. Seeing Jason behaving in the same thick manner that made him a chore to watch during the first season isn’t great television. Hopefully he wises up as the season progresses though.

Last but not least – I think this was kind of a good episode for fans of Sookie and Eric. I’m not a shipper of them but they had some lovely moments. Eric was right to give Sookie back her home and she was right for the time being to rescind his invitation. I don’t think she was harsh to do that, even if Eric has been gradually earning her trust and given that Alcide’s off the market and Bilith is Bilith, maybe some Sookie/Eric might happen this year.

Also in “Who Are You, Really?”

Added to the opening credits are Robert Patrick (Jackson), Kelly Overton (Rikki), Arliss Howard (Burrell) and Rutgar Hauer (Warlow).

Eric (to the gang): “I think it’s time to ditch this party.”

Luna’s death was sad for Sam and Emma but I saw it coming a mile off though. I did like Lafayette comforting both Sam and Emma though – he’s a trooper, isn’t he?

Pam (re Nora): “Who the fuck is Mary Poppins and can I please kill her?”
Eric: “She’s my sister.”

Jason (to Nora/Eric): “I am sick as fuck of you bloodsuckers brain raping me against my will.”

We learned in this episode that Warlow is Lilith’s progeny, so I’m expecting scenes with him and Bill fairly soon now. Is Warlow – half-fairy/half-vampire by the way?

Martha (re Alcide): “God help him.”
Rikki: “Seems like he’s got all the help he needs.”

Andy: “Look at me, Arlene. Do I look like someone’s parent to you?”

Arlene and Terry’s parental advice to Andy was amusing but the fact that his kids are already ageing fast didn’t exactly shock me as a viewer.

Warlow: “Long time ago I had family here.”
Jason: “What are their names? Maybe I know them.”

Burrell: “I am not the Big Bad everyone needs to fear.”

Alcide’s plot of the week was the dullest of the bunch and that threesome with him, Rikki and Danielle was pretty naff too. I do hope he gets better storylines this year.

Eric: “Stay away from Bill.”
Sookie: “I will.”

Standout music: Mikky Ekko’s “Who Are You Really?”

Jason: “How do you know my sister’s name?”
Warlow: “Who the hell do you think I am, Jason?”

Chronology: From where “Save Yourself” left off.

“Who Are You, Really?” was fun, maybe one of the most fun openers we’ve had and certainly an improvement on most of last season. There’s a lot of great plots here that have been set up and I do hope that the show (producer swapping aside) can deliver nicely on them.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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