Friday, June 14, 2013

Doctor Who - Who Could Be The 12th Doctor?

It's been nearly a fortnight since Matt Smith announced that he will be stepping down as the 11th Doctor during this year's Christmas special of Doctor Who and already the internet/papers have been flooded with rumours and requests from fans as to who should play the Twelfth Doctor, so here's a rundown of some of the more interesting/favoured of choices ...

1: Ben Daniels

One of the first rumoured choices - apparently as early as a few months ago (I saw his name mentioned on GallifreyBase back in March) and to me, my favourite choice for Twelve (which totally means it's not him). It's interesting because there's been contradicting rumours that he had been cast but dropped out and ones that say he hasn't been cast at all but unlike other actors rumoured, Ben hasn't commented a peep about it. Even when his former Law & Order: UK co-star Freema Agyeman said 'he'd smash it' upon being asked by someone on Twitter if he'd make a good Doctor, he didn't reply at all. It might not mean anything but it is rather interesting though. Personally I think he's perfect for Twelve - great actor, not conventionally Doctorish/eccentric (which isn't actually a bad thing), tonally different to Tennant and Smith and older as well - he'll be 50 by the time Series 8 would air in 2014. Moffat and the BBC would almost be mad not to cast him to be honest.

2: Damien Molony

Another name that's being mentioned but more through fan forums and Twitter than actual press (though Digital Spy did an article recently marking him as a favourite), I have to admit that Molony is making me want to break my desire for an older Doctor rule for Twelve. In his two series of Being Human, playing OCD vampire, Hal Yorke, he's displayed a versality that any potential actor would need for a role like the Doctor and when he was asked about the role February on the Blog for Being Human, he did mention "being honoured" as well. Again, it might not mean anything but Molony is an appealing choice for Twelve and already has something of a steady fanbase too and he does seem to be quite the rising star as well too. Personally if the BBC are keen on keeping a younger Doctor, he's a brilliant choice and he would be 30 by the time Series 8 would air in 2014.

3: Dominic Cooper

Last week, Starburst on their website mentioned three names that were in the running for the Twelfth Doctor - Daniel Kaluuya, Domnhall Gleeson and Dominic Cooper. The latter certainly seems to have generated a fair amount of interest and recently while the actor did deny his involvement (as has Gleeson too), he did seem pretty open to the idea of playing the Doctor. While I can't necessarily see Cooper putting his movie career on hold to play the Doctor - even for a series (and I really can't see the BBC wanting a one series only Doctor either), he's probably the better choice out of the three suggestions Starburst have made to be honest if he did decide the role was worth taking on after all.

4: Idris Elba

Come on - who wouldn't want Luther himself for Twelve? Elba himself hasn't commented on the prospects of playing Twelve and the papers have only mentioned him in passing on a list of candidates but to me, he's another interesting choice for the Doctor. He's certainly got the chops for it and I definitely think he'd offer something different to the role, which is needed as well. It probably won't be him though but with Luther coming to a conclusion with it's upcoming third series, he might have the spare time for a newer/longer television role. Assuming he would want it of course.

5: Stephen Mangan

Okay, he's already denied being Twelve and has teased fans about Steven Moffat calling him seventeen times but if we have to have a more comedic actor in the role, well he's a better choice than Chris Addison and this is coming from someone who found Mangan rather meh on Dirk Gently and loathed Episodes. I think he has a certain potential which could make him an interesting Doctor. Plus again, he's an older choice and I am thinking an older Doctor is needed again, much as I've enjoyed Matt Smith's portrayal over the last three series.

Now this is a more simplistic rundown of some of the many names that are seriously (and largely not seriously) being thrown out there by both the media and fandom alone. With filming due on the Christmas special for August/September and events such as Comic-Con and The Proms taking place in July, hopefully the casting will be announced within the next month and the speculation/debates (especially the female Doctor one) can be rested for another while.

So, what do you think of those choices? Any of them worthy of being Twelve or has the right actor not been mentioned at all yet? The role has apparently been cast though, according to some spoiler sources on GallifreyBase. And no, it's definitely not Rory Kinnear folks, though I'm sure he would've been cool. Whoever does get to play the Twelfth Doctor is going to have some adventures ahead for them in every aspect possible.

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