Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Skins - Series 7 First Trailer

Well, it's due to air next month, so it's about time E4 got a move on and with this first trailer for Skins seventh and final series, it's a good way to go about things.

The minute long concept trailer, promoting the stories - Pure, Fire and Rise go back to this show's love of concept trailers as they tease the new fates of Cook, Effy and Cassie. Cook, it seems still in trouble with the law while Effy is in a high powered position and Cassie herself seems to be wandering about aimlessly again.

It's a nice trailer, though the lack of Emily and Naomi (supporting characters in Effy's story) is a little disappointing but overall, I can't wait to see what these final three stories bring for out returning characters.

Series 7 Trailer/Press Release/Photos: http://www.digitalspy.ie/tv/s89/skins/news/a486620/skins-stars-grow-up-in-new-series-trailer-watch.html

Skins - Series 7 will air on E4 in July.

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