Friday, June 13, 2014

Batman: The Animated Series - Episodes 11-15 Reviews

Into the third batch of episodes from Batman: The Animated Series, two of them saw a certain someone reappearance while another debuted another villain while two others provided something of a departure for the series in a way.

Episode 11: Be A Clown

The second appearance for the Joker (in terms of transmission) and not only was this an episode that didn't feature Harley Quinn, but it was one of the few where the Clown Prince didn't have any minions at all helping him. Instead he decided to gatecrash the birthday party of Jordan Hill (the Mayor's son) and took the boy under his wing in another attempt to defeat Batman. Of course, it didn't really work but the idea of the Joker wanting his own protege would turn out to be some interesting foreshadowing for future events. It's not one of my favourites featuring the Clown Prince but it's passable enough though. 6/10

Episode 12: Appointment In Crime Alley

One of the better episodes from this batch, though it did start off rather mundane. Roland Daggett would continue to be one of the minor villains that would frequently escape justice in spite of some of his blatantly obvious crimes. Trying to decimate what was now known as 'Crime Alley' was another one of those obvious crimes (complete with Leslie Thompkins being trapped in one of the buildings) and then denying that his cronies Nitro and Crocker were on his payroll. However the episode works due to Batman's sense of justice in wanting to protect the innocent residents of Crime Alley and the last scene with him and Leslie where two roses are left on a certain spot give the episode a poignant finish. 8/10

Episode 13: P.O.V.

An interesting change of tack here. With this episode we had Bullock messing up a sting operation and this resulted in himself, Montoya and Wilkes being suspended by a rather overzealous Hackle (whose idiocy managed to make Bullock look smart for a change). I liked the episode showing the point of views that Bullock, Wilkes and Montoya had with the botched operation but the episode earned more points for actually having Montoya and Batman team up to resolve the main plot. Basically a great episode for Montoya as she got her badge back and credited both Wilkes and Bullock - the latter's grudging appreciation also being a tiny highlight. 7/10

Episode 14: The Clock King

I recently saw Robert Knepper's depiction of this character on Arrow and thoroughly enjoyed his performance and as a character, the Clock King might not be a big league in any way shape or form but as a minor threat, he's actually great. Nicely played by Alan Rachins - Temple Fugate became the villain simply after some well intentioned advice from Mayor Hill ended up going awry for him. The clock tower with the King and Batman easily turned out to be one of the best moments of the episode and I did like that his fate was left unknown at the end of the episode. However some of the clock puns (while appropriate) were a little silly too. 8/10

Episode 15: The Last Laugh

A much better episode for the Joker than his previous one. I loved that this one was set during April Fools and I certainly loved the robot clown as well, especially for the Joker's affronted reaction when Batman actually destroy the bloody thing. Setting most of the action on a garbage boat was an interesting move and the effects of the laughing gas (especially on Alfred) were pretty effective. Certainly an entertaining episode and I did like the opening joke of Alfred drawing Bruce a bath as well. Pretty fun overall. 7/10.

Next blog it will be Eternal Youth, Two-Face Parts 1 and 2, Fear Of Victory and I've Got Batman In My Basement.

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