Friday, June 27, 2014

Batman: The Animated Series - Episodes 21-25 Reviews

An interesting selection of episodes with two debuts from the Rogues Gallery and a slew of fairly decent one-off villains.

21: Vendetta

Killer Croc. I have to admit, as a character he doesn't greatly excite me but for a debut, while we've had better ones for the Rogue Gallery folk, this was a solid one. Croc (Aron Kincaid) spent most of the episode framing and kidnapping those who've wronged him, including Bullock but he did manage to get outsmarted by Batman and visually, he did look pretty impressive as well. A strength of this episode however was seeing a slightly more likeable side to Bullock who showed a grudging respect to Batman towards the end of the episode. 7/10

22: Prophecy Of Doom

One of the episodes I strongly remember watching when I was younger, though I'm not really sure why as it's not the best one going. It's an okay story with a conman actor, putting on a persona called Nostromos (I wonder who that is based on) and scaremongering rich people into handing over loads of money to his cult, before eventually getting a taste of his own medicine by the Caped Crusader. Fans of Heather Locklear might spot her voicing the role of Lisa - daughter of foolhardy Ethan, the main target of Nostromos in this one. 6/10

23: The Forgotten

Something of an interesting episode with Bruce going undercover to try and find a bunch of missing men, only to end up into forced labour with a fat controller with a bout of temporary amnesia. I liked seeing Bruce actually disguise himself to help out some people. I also enjoyed the brief Joker cameo, the method in which Bruce regained his memory, the comeuppance of Biggins, Alfred trying to fly the Batwing and the guest characters were great too. Overall, an underrated little gem. 8/10

24: Mad As A Hatter

Ah, Jervis Tetch, aka the Mad Hatter (Roddy McDowall). I really loved this episode, even if it is little more than just a darkly sinister version of Alice In Wonderland where the Hatter recreated Lewis Carroll's strange world all to keep control of a woman, aptly named Alice. It's a wonderfully bonkers, surreal episode with Hatter being both a sinister and fairly sympathetic figure with a nifty way of controlling people. The opening scene where he manipulated some mice into having tea as well. 9/10

25: The Cape And The Cowl Conspiracy

Anyone else feel like this episode should've been the one to debut the Riddler? Because I certainly did. Wormwood's whole motif was just the Riddler and while his schemes (unaware that he was being duped by Batman) were entertaining, they were also the same type of ones that Edward Nygma could do in his sleep. I did like the double-bluffs in the episode and the last scene did make me laugh but something felt a little off as well or maybe I'm just being a bit too critical. 7/10

Next blog will cover Perchance To Dream, The Underdwellers, Night Of The Ninja, The Strange Secret Of Bruce Wayne and Tyger, Tyger.

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