Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Glee - Season 6 Rumours

Filming for the sixth and final season of FOX drama, Glee might not be for another few months but already some spoilers are leaking as to what people can expect. In no particular order, here they are ....

- The final season will air in 2015 and may be 13 episodes. This has not definitely been confirmed though.
- Rachel will be heading back to McKinley and effectively taking on Will's former role there. Odd, considering the TV show plot and the fact it looked like Sam was taking on Will's former role.
- Both Will and possibly Blaine will be at the helm with Vocal Adrenaline.
- Basically, McKinley will be a big plot point for the last season.
- Alex Newell may be returning as Unique for some episodes. It is unclear as to whether or not Marley, Kitty, Jake or Ryder will reappear in the final season.
- NeNe Leakes is in talks to reprise her role as swim coach, Roz.

I have to admit these rumours so far seem pretty decent. Perhaps bringing things back to McKinley might help the show and having less episodes for the final season might actually mean a sense of cohesion that the fifth season certainly lacked in parts. Only time will tell though.

Glee's sixth and final season will air on FOX in 2015.

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