Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 4x07: "Ambush"

Written by Shannon Goss
Directed by Hanelle Culpepper

Emily (to David): “You told me to be strong and brave but you’re a coward. You could’ve come for me.”

I actually thought it would be the winter finale before David found out about Emily being Amanda. The fact they did in this episode pleased me and the way it was done too – Emily blurting it out in pure anger after realising that David’s stories haven’t been adding up was actually pretty perfect. And then that thing happened.

I love this show being ludicrous as much as the next person but Victoria getting struck by lightening after the reveal was just bizarre. Possibly karmic and more funny than it should’ve been as well. I don’t doubt she’ll survive and try and keep her claws into David but right now, it also couldn’t have come at a worse time for Emily.

Keeping with things being out in the open – I liked the confrontation scene Emily and Daniel had in the lift. The fact that he’s not bothered by her being Amanda but wants no involvement in his ex-wife’s clash with Victoria didn’t seem like the most unreasonable request to make. If I wasn’t reminded by the fact that he shot Emily last season, I might have even felt a bit bad for him when he asked her if she ever had any real feelings for him.

This episode wasn’t really Daniel’s though. Not only did Emily leave him stuck in a lift but Loopy Louise tried to kill Margaux, teased him about his sexual prowess and Margaux herself wasn’t best pleased when she realised that Danny slept with the nutty redhead.

As for Louise, her little murder attempt on Margaux and creepy obsession with Victoria aside, I actually enjoyed the scene where she tried to cheer Nolan up. While Nolan would be best avoiding Louise like the plague, they did seem to have a fun rapport together and the fact that she got him to buy a beach club was a welcome distraction from him moping about David and Emily.

As for the rest of the episode – Jack and Ben are the most boring crime busting duo going. Seven episodes into this season and I still cannot buy Jack as a cop and Ben, despite wanting to solve what really happened to Conrad is downright annoying as a character. Perhaps David could pay him a house call in the next few episodes.

Also in “Ambush”

Louise’s mother was played by one of the vampires from the fifth season of True Blood. Too bad she was only a hallucination though.

Nolan: “You believe your father murdered Conrad Grayson?”
Emily: “He had more motive than anyone.”

Victoria used a necklace to bribe a stripper into pretending to David that she was good to Amanda. I’m also surprised she didn’t try to reclaim her throne.

David (to Emily): “I thought it was time we met.”

Emily (re David): “All the time I’ve spent honouring his memory and he doesn’t even have one of me. Who the hell is he, Nolan?”
Nolan: “It’s time we find out.”

Louise photo shopping images of her and Victoria on her tablet is definitely the creepiest thing this episode did.

Daniel: “If I knew you were this flexible things might have worked out for us.”
Emily: “Will you stop talking?”

Standout music: Emika’s “Double Edge”.

Nolan (to Louise): “I used to be happy when I was trending.”

Chronology: Not long from where “Damage” left off.

I’m not gonna lie – I really liked “Ambush”. Arguably the strongest episode this season, the reunion with Emily and David mostly worked and some of the character moments (anything excluding Jack/Ben) were interesting enough as well.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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