Thursday, November 27, 2014

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 1x06: Freakin' Whack-A-Mole

I'm getting through the first half of this season nicely and last night's episode (from Universal's POV, not ABC's) finally gave Asher a bit more to do.

Written by Michael Foley
Directed by Bill D'Elia

Dude: In which out of all the male characters, Asher seems to have written as a stereotypical frat boy dude throughout. Even in the first few minutes of this episode, flashforward time, he's virtually amping up the perception of his character before realising the trophy he acquired not so ethically has been nicked. There's also the fact that he was nearly run over by the other members of the Keating Five and the ending where it was revealed that he slept with Bonnie as well while his classmates were disposing of a corpse. Asher's not a particularly deep character and could be arguably the weakest of the Keating Five but this episode did raise some good moments with the character though.

Daddy Issues: While Michaela seemed to take a pop at Connot perhaps having father issues (due to the implication he didn't know who his father was), this episode raised the possibility that Asher's respected judge father might have been responsible for an innocent man serving over two decades in prison. Of course Asher didn't want to assume the worst of his father and confronted him (which didn't end well) on the issue. I did like that Asher did use his smarts however to figure out something vital in the case and I even don't mind that he resorted to some tiny blackmail in order to get the trophy as well, given that Wes handed it back to Annalise. However, I'm not sure if this episode will make audiences care more or less about Asher than they already do but it was still a decent insight into the character's backstory nonetheless.

Change The Paper, Plant The Phone: While I still maintain that Sam did not kill Lila (mainly because for dramatic/narrative purposes, Lila's killer has to be someone currently alive for the second half of the season), it is amazing to see the lengths that Annalise will go to protect her husband, even if it does seem like she might have some doubts about Sam's innocence herself. Planting the phone on the boyfriend to get Rebecca out of hiding and Wes off his high horse (I like the guy but he got on my nerves this week) and changing the wallpaper to help keep Sam out of prison - it was almost a perfect plan. Except for the bit where Nate caught Frank planting the phone. Still, points for a near perfect plan there, Annalise.

This Lot Are Bitchy: Okay, not the snappiest title I could come up but six episodes in and this lot are super bitchy towards each other. I suppose you could chalk it up to them wanting to impress/work full time for Annalise but when Connor and Michaela weren't taking cheap shots at each other, they were grilling Wes over his relationship with Rebecca and pretty much slagging off Asher's father without knowing the full facts. In fact the only one who seemed to be levelheaded was Laurel, even if it took Bonnie (who I think was projecting a lot here) to convince her to dump Frank. This would be the same Bonnie who may or may not have feelings for Sam and five weeks later would end up sleeping with Asher too.

21 Years: So this is the third episode in a row where I've found the case interesting. Perhaps I was too hasty in assuming that I wouldn't care about most of them after all. I liked that it was death row case and with recent reports in America, it felt oddly timely too when the issue of Dave Allen's race was brought into Annalise's defence of him too in court. While I did see the outcome coming a mile away, I still enjoyed the turn of events and case wise, this was probably the most gripping one so far.

Next week, we delve into Rebecca's past with Lila, while Michaela gets an unpleasant surprise.

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ihRtmr said...

I think this is when I started to like the show in earnest. I mean, I liked it from the get go, but here things start being pieced together and Keating 5's involvement in the events of the night in question are revealed. We also see Connor losing it, Michaela losing it, Bonnie shedding her armour. Not to mention the ep name is perfect!