Thursday, November 20, 2014

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Freak Show - Test Of Strength

Holy shit, this episode really should've come with a warning, especially for that last scene. I really wasn't prepared for that.

Written by Crystal Liu
Directed by Anthony Hemingway

Evil Gays: Okay, I have to admit it - I absolutely despise both Stanley and Dell as characters and no matter how great both Denis O'Hare and Michael Chiklis are in their respective roles, I'm at the point now where I literally want both characters to die horrible, painful deaths and I really don't want to watch until the finale for this to happen. I can almost forgive them if they were interesting or entertaining villains but they're both spineless and irritating to watch and even though there was the satisfying moment of seeing Amazon Eve beat the holy shit out of Dell, the fact that he murdered Ma Petite because Stanley blackmailed him pretty much killed any interest I had in either character. Now I just want them gone. Why is it hard for Ryan Murphy to write at least one likeable gay character on this show? He did it with Lana Winters. It's starting to actually bother me and Ma Petite did not deserve the horrible fate that she got in this one.

Father & Son: This episode was certainly a mixed bag for Jimmy. While I liked that he wanted to try and reason with Dell and figured out that the latter was his father, I hated that by not listening to Ethel and Eve that Dell is still breathing. Jimmy got to work out some issues here but while he was able to rescue Bette and Dot from Dandy and Gloria (thankfully relegated to one scene this week), he was still outfoxed by them and Elsa and I wish he'd get a clue about Maggie's continued insistence on the pair of them leaving the show. As for his version of Nirvana's Come As You Are, it was okay. Truth be told, I was just grateful that we didn't get another number from Elsa this week.

Ever So Helpful: I liked Jimmy standing up to Elsa. I even like the fact that there's hints the rest of the troupe are seeing her for what she truly is. I even liked Bette and Dot negotiating with Elsa for some spotlight and a surgeon but I still don't like Elsa as a character but given how abominably three of the male characters behaved in this episode, Elsa was the lesser of two evils, though I get the feeling she might be tempted by Stanley's suggestion of bumping off the twins. As for the split-screen/black and white exchange of letters between Elsa and Dot - that was a genius scene. Also the girls makeover scene and Bette's aspirations to be a comedian was amusing in an otherwise depressing episode.

Daddy Most Despicable: As if Stanley and Dell weren't total monsters in this episode, Penny's father managed to go that extra mile by hiring a guy to tattoo her face, fork her tongue and shave her hair. With the exceptions of Jimmy and Paul, why are all the men on this show psychopaths, misogynists and generally a shower of bastards. I did like that Paul didn't reject Penny and thankfully by the look of the trailer for the next episode, at least Penny is going to get her own back on Daddy Dearest. If she can kill Dell and Stanley while she's at it and then Dandy by finale time, that would be great.

United: While the men on this show (minus Jimmy and Paul) are awful, the women (minus Elsa and Gloria, still not sure on Maggie) are thankfully wonderful. Earlier this season, it looked like we could've gotten a petty rivalry between Ethel and Desiree over Dell but instead, both of them realising that he's a scumbag has united them as friends along with the genuine concern they each have for each other. I like that dynamic, especially the antagonist one both Bates and Bassett had to have in Coven. Also the scene where the two ladies realised the doctor was dead and also along with Eve and Suzy told Jimmy about the shit they had to deal with - more scenes like that please.

The show will be back in two weeks where Dandy and Gloria have to deal with Dora's daughter and Penny decides to get even with her horrible father.

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