Friday, November 07, 2014

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 1x03: Smile Or Go To Jail

Out of the three episodes so far, this one was probably the least impressive but it still had it's moments though as we got learn a little bit more about Michaela.

Written by Rob Fresco
Directed by Randy Zisk

Choose Your Spouse Wisely: Michaela has mentioned in the previous two episodes that she has a husband to be somewhere and this week, we met him - Aiden, played by Sinbad's Elliot Knight. On paper, Aiden came across the perfect fiancee for the rather ambitious Michaela but as soon as it was revealed that he had a brief sexual history with Connor (which reveal wise, came across as a little contrived for some reason), Michaela began to wonder if getting married to Aiden was such a bright idea at all. I don't know if Aiden was being sincere when he said his experimentation with Connor was a one-off or if the writers are setting up a coming out as gay or bisexual reveal for the character later on, but I do get the impression that any marriage between Michaela and Aiden will probably not be a long lasting one though.

Lost The Ring: I have to admit the flash forwards to the aftermath of Sam's murder weren't particularly that interesting this week, even if Laurel had the bright idea of using the bonfire as an alibi for the gang. I guess the reason why they bothered me this week was the callous way Connor behaved with Michaela (love the guy but he's too much of a dick to her, especially when revealing about his past with Aiden too) at the bonfire. He managed to make uttering the title of this episode sound so menacing as Michaela seemed to have great difficult in actually pretending to have a good time. Connor also didn't do himself any favours by challenging Annalise this week but he did make me laugh of his comments about the hotness of Asher and Frank, the former seemingly a little put out that Connor didn't find him as attractive.

He Didn't Do It: Well, thanks to Nate, Annalise now can sleep safely at night in the knowledge that her husband didn't murder the college student he was clearly sleeping with. Except that Nate wasn't actually that truthful about Sam's whereabouts on the night of Lila's murder. Sam seems like such an obvious suspect that it probably won't be him but he's no more obvious than Lila's football stud boyfriend or surly Rebecca. Speaking of Sam, is there something going on with him and Bonnie because this episode certainly seemed to imply something at the very least.

A Worthy Cause: Well, thanks to Wes, Annalise decided not to represent Lila's boyfriend but instead local drug dealer/general sour face, Rebecca. No disrespect to the actress but three episodes in, I just find Rebecca thoroughly unpleasant as a character and even more so in this episode. Granted, Wes's whole mantra of wanting to be her knight in shining armour is somewhat grating, given that he barely knows her and has absolutely no evidence of her innocence. More still, I did find it a tad annoying that Annalise sided with him over it as well and I don't even like Lila's boyfriend. I like Wes but Rebecca tends to cloud his judgement and not in a good way.

20 Years Ago: I mentioned during my recap/review for the opening episode that I wouldn't always be gripped by the cases of the week and while I enjoyed last week's one, this case kind of bored me to tears. Ana Ortiz is a great actress (Ugly Betty, Devious Maids) but I didn't much care for her character in this one and the bit where her and former partner in crime, played by Jason Gedrick managed to fool everyone and flee on a bus was pretty unsatisfying. Hopefully next week's case will be far more interesting to watch.

Next week, it's time to get some proper focus on Connor as his relationship with Oliver hits a new low.

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ihRtmr said...

I didn't like the court case on this one. Maybe its just me, but it seems the court cases usually serve some purpose. (within the writing) Whether its something relatable to what Keating 5 are undergoing, or a chance to see the main characters abilities/reactions/emotions/ relatability etc. This case just had nothing to do with nothing, (that I could detect anyway)