Thursday, January 21, 2016

DC Week: Movie Spoilers & TV Show Returns

Yup, this week really has been the week for DC, in terms of both small screen and big screen stuff and on Tuesday, the CW gave us some specials in relation to the upcoming movies.

The most exciting stuff of course was Suicide Squad. Not only did we get an official poster and some individual character ones but the main thing was a brand new trailer for the movie, which certainly revealed a lot. In the two and half minute trailer, we saw the dynamics of Joker and Harley, how the Squad were formed, Amanda reciting that they were the worst and the fun tag of 'Worst Heroes Ever'. Also with the use of Queen's Bohemien Rhapsody as part of the soundtrack, this is definitely going to be the movie of the year for me.

Meanwhile a new clip for Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice has been released after the trailer from the previous month. It seems that Kryptonite will play a role in the movie and as we've learned from last month, we know that Doomsday is also a main villain in this movie as well. The clip is pretty decent but it wasn't the only clip we saw during the special on the CW.

Although due next year, we were given a tiny clip from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, which showed us a bit of a backstory for Gal Gadot's titular heroine and with the image I've posted we were also given a glimpse of the upcoming Justice League movie including Aquaman, the Flash and Cyborg too. Things are certainly hotting up now with the DC movie franchise.

Small screen fans though this week had the Toyman pop up in Supergirl, both Arrow and The Flash return to finish up their respective seasons and tonight will also mark the debut of Legends Of Tomorrow, which I fully intend to watch tomorrow morning.

Suicide Squad Trailer:
Batman V. Superman/Wonder Woman Clips:
Justice League:

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice is released March 25th and Suicide Squad will be released August 5th. Both Wonder Woman and Justice League are due in 2017.

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