Thursday, January 28, 2016

Galavant - Season 2: Episodes 1-5 Reviews

It's the little show that could and did by coming back with a second season on ABC in spite of some bad ratings. Fortunately, the fun is also back with the show too.

Episode 1: A New Season AKA Suck It Cancellation Bear

It's a new season and what a better way to acknowledge that fact by highlighting the show narrowly avoiding cancellation in an opening song. Everything has changed though. Madalena is ruling Valencia with Gareth not quite king yet and Sid being stuck in the middle, Isabella is about to marry a boy king, the chef, Jester and Gwynne have new employment and then there's the joy of seeing both Galavant and King Richard becoming the best of frenemies as they hide out in a gay bar run by Kylie Minogue (I'm not kidding here) called the Enchanted Forest. Music highlights include Off With His Shirt and of course A New Season.

Episode 2: World's Best Kiss

This one focused on several funny things - King Richard being followed by a unicorn, Galavant and Isabella having the world's worst miscommunication as their perfect kiss was heavily discussed by every other character while Madalena and Gareth managed to find some common ground with a little help from Sidney. Look out for an amusing cameo by Simon Callow and this show's method of Face Time as well. Music highlights include World's Best Kiss and of course, Let's Agree To Disagree.

Episode 3: Aw, Hell The King

This episode starts with Matt Lucas being put to better use (and with a cheerful song) here than he was in the recent Doctor Who Christmas special and then you've got Gareth feeling guilty over his betrayal of Richard and Isabella at the mercy of a mischievous wedding planner played by Robert Lindsay. Keeping with Richard, he was in for a shock this week when he learned what happened to his former kingdom while the episode debuts a potential love interest (and third member of the gang) in Roberta (Clare Foster). Music highlights include Build A New Tomorrow and If I Were A Jolly Blacksmith.

Episode 4: Bewitched, Bothered And Belittled

It's another fairly big Madalena episode as we see her getting roasted by two vile sisters who also tormented her as a child but on the plus side, the experience does bring her and Gareth closer and gets her a little in touch with her own feelings while Gwynne and Chef adjust to their new status and Isabella is a little too happy about the wedding she previously didn't want any part of. There was also the amusing subplot of Galavant trying and failing to set up both Richard and Roberta. Music highlights include Serenade (Maybe You Won't Die Alone) and What Am I Feeling?

Episode 5: Giants Vs. Dwarves

First of all, the main quarrel between Galavant and Richard and them joining different teams who really didn't differ in size was hilarious, especially with Roberta as peacemaker in the mix. A good performance from Nick Frost as a giant in this episode but he's outdone by Sheridan Smith who popped up as bisexual ladette princess Jubilee, who gave us a song and managed to release the wedding planner's hold on Isabella purely by accident. Of course, the downside in this episode had Gareth breaking the bro code and getting Sidney into some deep trouble with Madalena but bless, he's in love though. Music highlights in this one included My Dragon Pal And Me, Dwarves Vs. Giants and of course, Different Kind Of Princess.

I'll do the final five episodes of the second season by next week.

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