Thursday, January 14, 2016

Galavant - Season 1: Episodes 5-8 Reviews

And now onto the second half of Galavant's first season, which continued to the fun and mayhem as enemies finally met, true love was declared and power dynamics shifted.

Episode 5: Completely Mad .... Alena

Has there ever been a female character in fairytale so delightfully self absorbed and mean? Er, yeah, loads actually but Madalena certainly takes the biscuit and having a moment where she revels of her own self importance produced one of the funniest musical numbers of the series (No One Like You). There was also the slightly less funny, Hey, Hey We're The Monks but the main point of this episode was Galavant and King Richard finally facing off, Isabella's 'betrayal' being revealed and Madalena trying and failing to make Galavant into her plaything. There was also nice romantic subplot between the chef and Madalena's maid (Daisy from Downton Abbey) which was more fun than expected.

Episode 6: Dungeons And Dragon Lady

An episode that saw everyone acknowledging the attraction between Galavant and Isabella while Madalena seemed somewhat pissed off that her former lover has turned on her. There was an exploration into King Richard's past thanks to a wizard played by Ricky Gervais and an acid trip. Is it wrong that I've felt sorry for Richard all this time? Anyways in the past we met his horrible older brother and in the present, said horrible older brother now played by Rutgar Hauer has showed up to take Richard's kingdom and wife in one fell swoop. As you do. Music highlights in the episode included A Day In Richard's Life.

Episode 7: My Cousin Izzy

So, one of the things I wasn't expecting was that Isabella was engaged to her cousin who turned out to be a child. That's one for the brain bleach I think. On the other hand, the rivalry between Richard and his brother continued to gather pace as both Gareth and Galavant were challenged to joust for respective brothers. There was also an amusing subplot where the chef and Gwyneth plotted to poison everyone in the kingdom, only instead for them to feed the kingdom everything they were allergic as an alternative. Music highlights in this episode included Galavant's various attempts of singing Moments In The Sun and being stopped at every chance too.

Episode 8: It's All In The Executions

And it's the season finale but aside from the knowledge of a second season, I did like that the show inserted their own hope of getting one as well. Now this episode was absolutely hysterical. Galavant and King Richard work so much better as allies than friends and watching the two of them getting drunk, dissing Madalena (sorry, but it's funny) and plotting to kill Richard's brother (and failing spectacularly) were some of the highlights of this episode. Other highlights included Gareth helping virtually everyone except Sid escape, Madalena essentially becoming the main ruler of the kingdom and the musical numbers of Secret Mission and Goodnight My Friend. This show might not have ratings to sing about but it's unbridled fun, so no wonder ABC wanted seconds.

I'll review the first five episodes of Season 2 of Galavant sometime next week.

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