Friday, January 08, 2016

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Hotel - Battle Royale

With only one episode left until the finale, the penultimate episode of Hotel delivered a few more kills and the return of a character from a previous season.

Written by Ned Martel
Directed by Michael Uppendahl

I Wanna Be Adored: The Countess's death was inevitable but despite being subjected to a hail of bullets by Liz and Iris, it wasn't them who killed her. No, she escaped them, had Sally tend to her and ate her remaining kids in order to survive. It wasn't Ramona either who got to kill her. The Countess managed to actually get her on side a little so the only person who succeeded in the deed was John as a result of him completing his Ten Commandment thing that everyone stopped caring about. Weirdly enough, the Countess is now a ghost in the Cortez attending permanent meals with March but she did manage to get Miss Evers out of her hair, so a minor victory in a way.

Abandonment & Addiction: Words that could easily describe Sally all too well and now we're in the penultimate episode of the season, it seemed the right time to delve a little more into her past, involving her role as songwriter and drug dealer and a threesome with two musicians that resulted in death and the debut of the Addiction Demon as well. In the present day, when Sally wasn't lording power over the Countess, she was also actively trying to kill John as well. I have a feeling that's something she'll probably succeed with better in next week's finale.

Moving Forward: With Scarlett being aware that her family are mostly vampires (was John made into one?), you have to feel bad for the poor girl. She literally the only normal, non murderous members of her family and considering that her father's killer instincts are unlikely to stop and that her mother cares for Holden than her, if I were Scarlett, I'd get as far away from the lot as physically possible. Then again, they'll probably all be ghosts by next week anyways.

Not Your Protein Shake: I was hoping that this season would have a link to Coven and when Queenie popped up, I was actually delighted to see her. That soon went the other way when Ramona decided to feast on her and March ultimately killed Queenie (being a ghost made him immune to her voodoo abilities). Seriously, what the hell was the point of having the character show up, just to kill her? A bigger and better surprise would've been Queenie outsmarting Ramona and March and getting the hell out of the Cortez. This just felt like a dick move on Murphy's part to be honest.

Dying Pretty: Can I point out how great Matt Bomer usually is an actor? I feel I should mention that because as great as Bomer is, Donovan turned out to be one of the most disappointing and annoying characters of the season? Of course he'd foolishly die protecting the Countess but upon some gentle persuasion to Iris, he at least died outside the hotel though. That being said though, I won't miss Donovan and unless he's given an interesting character next season, I'm not sure I'd want him back on the show. As for Liz and Iris, well they seem to be in a better place emotionally now both Donovan and the Countess are done with.

Next week is the finale as a new era awaits the Cortez and a past character also shows up. 

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