Friday, July 01, 2016

Batman Beyond - Episodes 33-36 Reviews

In this batch of episodes a robot wants more than it's programming allows, enemies become temporary allies, there's no fool in love like an old one and a video game takes a deadly turn.

Episode 33: Zeta

Something of an interesting episode where things open up with a boring teacher of sorts being targeted by some government agent types. The teacher then turns out to be a disguised assassin/robot named Zeta, who later assumes Max's identity. However it seems that Zeta isn't out to kill but more to start over and be in a position to make his own decisions. While Batman is right to be suspicious and Zeta's programming is quite hardwired, the episode does set up a lot, including a later spin-off named The Zeta Project. Overall, a pretty great episode. 7/10

Episode 34: Plague

Has it been that long since we've last encountered Stalker? It hasn't felt too long but for a return appearance, it's interesting to see him actually fighting with Batman instead of against him as he usually would. It seems that both Stalker and Batman's interests collide as they form an uneasy alliance to stop both Kobra and False Face. As teams up go, this episode had two pretty great ones and I did like that while we saw a better side to Stalker we didn't get an all too convenient redemptive arc, though it's possible one may happen in the future though. 8/10

Episode 35: April Moon

One of the two episodes from my watching that I wasn't too impressed by. A criminal gang blackmail a doctor into giving them some metallic/technological upgrades and the episode seems to be a power struggle between them and the doctor in question, with an unfortunate woman caught in the middle ... or is she? There are some nice comments on love, betrayal and power and so on but even Batman himself doesn't seem that too invested in this action unfolding. The final scene though is quietly sinister. 6/10

Episode 36: Sentries Of The Lost Cosmos

One of the dullest episodes we've had. Three geeks obsessed with a video game get manipulated by the backer of said game (Simon Harper) into nearly killing the creator (Eldon Michaels) by being part of the game to an extent. The nerd cliches are too strong in this one and Corey is one of those characters like Howard a few episodes back that I'm in no rush to see more of either. Also there were more Star Wars references than needed too for this one. 4/10

Next blog I'll look into Payback, Where's Terry, Ace In The Hole and King's Ransom.

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