Thursday, July 07, 2016

Batman Beyond - Episodes 45-48 Reviews

Well, things certainly heated up here with a talking gorilla, a Justice League two parter and the return of another villain too.

Episode 45: Speak No Evil

You'd think an episode focusing on a talking gorilla would be the perfect one to feature Grodd but apparently not. Instead we've got Fingers, a scientifically experimented on with human DNA gorilla out for vengeance against the man who seperated him from his family. It's a better than expected episode with Fingers being sympathetic enough and also smart enough to allow both Terry and Bruce to reason with him as well. I did like at the end of the episode where Fingers decided to retain his memories and abilities and that Terry and Bruce allowed him to do so. 8/10

Episodes 46 & 47: The Call

Unlike Batman: The Animated Series, which had some frequent two parters, this show has kept them to a minimum with this only being the second one that they've actually done, which is impressive. Also impressive is that it's a Justice League two parter with Terry getting the invite to join the gang by an older Superman. However, the other members, in particular Big Barda and War Hawk are less than enamoured with him joining up while Aquagirl, Micron and Green Latern are more neutral. However things aren't what they seem as Superman is convinced that one of the team is a traitor and things come to a head when War Hawk is nearly killed by Superman and Bruce encourages Terry to use a shard of Kryptonite against. However it's only when everyone locates Superman at the Fortress of Solitude is it really that Starro has taken possession of him with the rest of his creatures getting everyone except Batman in the mix. It's a tense two parter, filled with some great action sequences, flashbacks and character bits as Terry ponders joining the gang before making his eventual decision. A part of me would've liked more involvement with Bruce but other than that, this is a wonderful set of episodes. 9/10

Episode 48: Betrayal

I wasn't particularly enamoured with Charlie/Big Time in his previous outing and I wasn't exactly eager for a return piece, especially not so soon but here we are. This time around, Charlie has teamed up with someone called The Major who treats him like a brute so he has Terry kidnapped in order to have an ally he can trust. Terry sensibly decides not to help Charlie and the remainder of the episode bounces between Charlie attempting to play off his former friend's emotions while coming to something of a pernament end (I hope). There is a fun moment where Max is tempted to don the batsuit and Bruce halts the idea but other than that, this episode was a bore to be honest. 5/10

Last blog will focus on The Curse Of The Kobra Parts 1 & 2, Countdown and Unmasked.

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