Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Anti Valentine's Day

It's a week later and a certain episode of one of the show I'm covering here might have inspired that title.

24 Legacy: In the UK and Ireland, we're a bit behind on this 12 part event series but so far, it's not really that gripping. I mean, it's a bit better than some of the trailers promoted it to be and Corey Hawkins agent Eric Carter is likeable enough but after nine seasons of seeing Jack Bauer being put into some impossible scrapes (one of which is now currently unresolved), it doesn't feel quite as dynamic as it could be. Then again, the show is only starting so it might need a little more time to naturally bed itself in but so far, it's only makes for okay viewing.

Arrow: I think the show really did it this time. How do you solve a problem like not having a Black Canary? Do you admit defeat, revive Laurel and put her back in the suit or do you take her Earth 2 doppelganger and give her a redemptive arc? In this show's case, neither were the desired option so instead a new Canary by the name of Dinah Drake was roped into fill the void, not just left by Laurel but also by Thea and Evelyn too and so far, the character is likeable enough. Also on the likeable front have been the flashbacks involving Talia Al Ghul but the less said about the recent 'guns are bad' episode, the better to be honest.

Santa Clarita Diet: Netflix, there are still shows you've got that I need to catch up with (Luke Cage, I'll see you soon) but having watched the absolutely bonkers promos for this half hour comedy, I just had to watch the first two episodes. The results seem to be a mash up of Weeds, Desperate Housewives, Dexter and Hannibal with realtor/zombie mom, Sheila (Drew Barrymore) getting used to her new diet of human flesh while husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) is somewhat exasperated by his wife's new eating habits. It's an amusing little series with both Barrymore and Olyphant at their comedic best. There's a decent amount of gore too but generally this is a show that's being played for laugh in it's suburban setting.

Supergirl: Five episodes have aired since the last time I covered this show on my blog and they've been somewhat hit and miss. We've had returns galore - Dominators, Roulette, Livewire, Parasite,  Cyborg Superman, Metallo and so on and there's been the forming of Kara/Mon El's relationship as well as the continuing developing of Alex and Maggie's. Of course, we had the blossoming of J'onn and M'Gann but that was cut short while Winn's hooking up with Lyre. Of course the show does need more of the lovely Lena and her evil mother, Lillian but at least Mxyzptlk made for a fun antagonist on Valentine's Day though.

The Flash: When I last watched the show, it seemed that Iris West's days were numbered, courtesy of Savitar. The last few episodes since it's return has focused on a few things (introducing Gypsy, testing Wally's speeding ability, Julian becoming part of the team etc) but the focus has also been on trying to alter Iris's imminent fate too. Speaking of which, there has been an actual lack of Savitar onscreen since Christmas but we've had some decent guest baddies like Plunder though to keep things ticking along for a bit.

- Darren Criss aside from playing Music Meister in the upcoming Supergirl/The Flash crossover episodes will also be playing killer Andrew Cunanan in the Vesrace series of American Crime Story. Edgar Ramirez will play the title role for that particular series.
- Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo will be appearing as a villainous couple in Supergirl soon.
- American Horror Story's seventh season will focus on the US Election.
- Nina Dobrev will reprise her role as Elena Gilbert for the series finale of The Vampire Diaries.
- Once Upon A Time will also be doing a musical episode this season.
- Eva Longoria will be guesting in Empire.
- Chris Colfer is currently developing a sci-fi series.
- E! are doing their own version of 90's movie Jawbreakers as a television series.
- The Big Bang Theory is being lined up for a two season renewal at CBS.
- Outlander's third season will air on Starz from September.

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