Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Review of How To Get Away With Murder's 3x15: "Wes"

Written by Peter Nowalk
Directed by Bill D'Elia

Annalise (re Wes): "That's a lie. He wasn't just a stranger. He, he was, he felt, he felt, he felt like my son."

Remember people, Annalise said that Wes felt like her son, not that he actually was her son, so all the stuff that happened with Rose in the second half of Season 2 still counts for everyone. However one thing did change in relation to Wes's parentage - Walllace wasn't his father.

Instead and thanks to a rather heated lunch between Annalise and Sylvia, the episode revealed that Charles is Wes's father. I have to admit, I'm struggling with this one a little. How old exactly was Charles when him and Rose got involved with each other and does he know that he's Wes's father? Sylvia certainly knew and Annalise seemed pretty floored when she found as did the rest of the gang.

Speaking of the gang, Laurel went into vigilante mode and used both Asher and Michaela in an attempt to try and bring Charles to justice for Wes's murder. While I like that Laurel is out for blood, she's also barking up the wrong tree as it turned out that Wes ended up being killed by family friend Dominic at the behest of her father, which the episode revealed at the last minute.

In some respects, it's pretty unsatisfying to have a random character drop in and be Wes's killer but seeing as it's also going to lead to a bigger storyline for Laurel and delving more into her murky family, this could be an interesting direction for the fourth season. I do wonder though after this episode if it really is the last time we really will see Wes again.

Speaking of Wes, it seems that his death also provided a way of resolving the thorny issue of both Annalise and Frank's impending trials by having him pinned for every crime committed in the last three seasons and giving Denver some kind of win, which in turn also saved Connor for being pinned for Wes's death as well.

However I can see why this would rub viewers up the wrong and even I was a little upset to see Wes blamed for crimes he wasn't responsible for (Rebecca's death for example) but I guess it's better than repeated trial scenes next season with Denvers trying to get Annalise sent down for an innocent man's death though.

- Oliver proposed to Connor which certainly made me shipper heart squee a little.
- I wonder if Annalise will keep going to that group session next season. Also will characters like Meggy, Hargrove and Simon also return?
- This was the first one word episode title we've ever gotten for the show and it felt appropriate, especially if this is the last time we actually see Wes on the show.
- Chronology: From where He Made A Terrible Mistake left off.

Wes was a strong finale to end this rather interesting season on and it certainly set up plenty for next season to delve into but was it the best way to finish up the character's three year arc? That's debatable but either way, this was an excellent if not perfect finale.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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