Wednesday, February 08, 2017

My Review of Legends Of Tomorrow's 2x11: "Turncoat"

Written by Grainne Godfree & Matthew Maala
Directed by Alice Troughton

Rip (to soldiers): "Grab yourselves a rifle, lads. After all, it's Christmas."

And we're about two months too late from a festive offering but if Arrow and The Flash can give us such Christmas goodies, then so should Legends Of Tomorrow and this episode was certainly a big treat to behold.

It's Christmas Eve and Rip is about to murder George Washington at the behest of some brainwashing courtesy of Eobard. Except, he really isn't going to do that. It's more of an elaborate trap to smoke out the Legends (something which they're aware of) but they're still determined to stop the Legion nonetheless.

Of course by the time they land in 1776 to rescue George Washington from being assassinated, Sara and the gang soon realise that Rip isn't on their side when he gleefully shoots her and hands over Mick and George to an enemy of the latter. Can I just say that Arthur Darvill really knows how to play the baddie so well? If I were Eobard, I'd be a little nervous here.

Considering that Eobard was barely able to get both Malcolm and Damien on side, evil Rip might turn out to be a bigger problem for him in the long run. Here though, Rip used a group of soldiers to help break into the Waverider and during some tense scenes with Jax, also managed to get the other part of the Spear of Destiny as well. This week was definitely a victory for the villains of the piece again. Even Sara got her neck snapped before Gideon came to her rescue.

Speaking of Sara, she might have been bested by Rip and nearly dead again but this episode certainly gave her some lovely moments. I love that when she was down, it was Jax whom she made into the Captain and I also loved the scene they had after Rip managed to get away from them. As for the Christmas dinner scene, it might be two months too late but it was one of the best moments we had with the gang this season.

Other noteworthy moments in this episode were Mick's scenes with George Washington. Pairing those two characters together was a stroke of genius as the two of them played off each other brilliantly. Mick even managed to get himself a little historical honour as well within the episode, which was another priceless moments.

Of course if there's something a little negative about the episode, then it's probably the sudden pairing of Nate and Amaya. In some ways I can see why the writers are going there as they are the newbies and they got some moments to connect this week but the sex scene with them felt incredibly rushed and there's a concern that it's going to end up becoming Ray/Kendra 2.0 as well. Mostly I felt meh with their scenes in this one.

- Tiny Ray getting chased through the airs ducts by a rat - The Talons Of Weing Chiang, anyone? I did laugh at Ray giving the rat to Mick as a Christmas present later though.
- Mick's opening narration was absolutely hysterical. Who writes this crap? Nate also got a great line about Hitler ruining everything when he wasn't explaining Tinder to Amaya.
- Both Malcolm and Damien sat this episode out while Eobard just got one scene this week.
- Chronology: 1776 New Jersey again.

Turncoat certainly lived up to it's title with Rip taking something of a dark turn. Arthur Darvill really can sell being a baddie so well that I almost want Rip to remain evil until the finale. Add the Christmas background, some of the funniest dialogue and this was a truly a brilliant and bonkers episode.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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