Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Review of Legends Of Tomorrow's 2x16: "Doomworld"

Written by Ray Utarnachitt & Sarah Hernandez
Directed by Mairzee Almas

Eobard (to everyone): "You will walk this world knowing that something isn't quite right. That for all your trying you only made things worse."

You mean like how Barry does from time to time or even Oliver without the access to time travel and dimension hopping? As baddie speeches went though, Eobard was somewhat onto something as his victory was cemented with the spear's destruction at the end of this episode but not after a Legend was taking out by a Doom member first.

Poor Amaya. Between her and Nate, she's the one who actually deserves to go into the next season. Aside from the fact that she's the more interesting character of the two, there's also the fact that we need another consistent female character on the show besides Sara and arguably Gideon. Of course before being frozen and shattered to pieces by a wrathful Snart, Amaya was also getting through to Mick as well and came close to saving everyone's arses in this episode.

The reality that Eobard created saw some mixed results for everyone. Leonard were allowed to rob places with gleeful abandon while Damien had heroes bumped off and kept Sara and Amaya as his sexy assassins for hire along with Malcolm enjoying having his family around again. Those hoping for a Thea or Tommy cameo will be disappointed though.

As for Eobard himself, well he was the smartest guy in the universe, insanely wealthy, running Star Labs and also had Jax and Stein at his beck and call (with the former being rather monstrous to the latter) and he was plotting to destroy the Spear in order to seal his new order (along with some other changes), only for his own team as well as the Legends trying to stop him at every turn.

With Mick being responsible for the blunder of this new world, it felt right that it was also him that went about bringing the gang together, which included Ray as the janitor and a Nate with a godawful haircut living in his mother's basement. This also meant getting a few punches and Sara not trusting him but he did try his best in this one, choosing the Legends over Leonard, which he never would've done in the first season.

Of course everything went wrong with only Stein's memories being stuck, Amaya being killed by Snart and of course Eobard actually destroying the Spear, so the gang remembered that Rip would be needed to fix everything. Speaking of Rip, he was in a bit of a drunken funk until the last minute where Gideon kicked him back into action and we discovered the Waverider was a little smaller than last time we've seen it.

- Felicity appeared as a goth superhero for two minutes before being killed off. The Olicity fans did not like that one bit.
- I swear one of Rip's cakes was an intentional Doctor Who nod. Anyone else visibly cringe when it was revealed what Malcolm did to Nyssa as well in this reality?
- I think they could've had a few more cameo appearances in this episode.
- Chronology: More or less set in a parallel 2017 where Trump is still president (c'mon, Eobard, really man?). We're back in 1916 next week though.

Doomworld was certainly bleak alright and while Eobard managed to get the last laugh for now, it'll be interesting to see how he's finally taken out in next week's finale and what the set up for next season will be.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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