Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Two More Gay Themed Reality Shows: Fire Island & What Happens At The Abbey

For those of you waiting for the second season of Finding Prince Charming, it seems that both Logo and E! have got you covered in terms of gay themed reality TV shows for the next few months.

Logo are ahead of the game here. Following the first season of Finding Prince Charming, their latest stab at gay reality TV centres on Fire Island. The show will focus on six guys - Khasan, Jorge, Brandon, Cheyenne, Justin and Patrick who enter a Fire Island house to entertain folks during the summer. The trailer shows a lot of fun, pecs on display, hook ups, fights and so on. The series is produced by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

Elsewhere E! are also jumping in with their own LGBT themed reality show, What Happens At The Abbey, focusing on the staffers of LA's most infamous gay bar and going by the trailer, you can expect the usual hijinks here with nearly everyone (gay, lesbian, bisexual and even straight) copping off with each other. There's even a gay man and a lesbian having a baby together.

Looking at the trailers for both shows, neither of them are what you'd say are positive representations for the LGBT community but if you love unapologetic trashy reality TV, then both are likely to appeal to you.

Fire Island Website:
What Happens At The Abbey Press Release:

Fire Island airs on Logo, Thursdays at 8pm from April 27th while What Happens At The Abbey airs on E! Sundays at 10pm from May 14th.

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