Saturday, March 04, 2017

Nightwing Movie - Some Casting Suggestions

Last week it was announced that the director of the recent Lego Batman movie, Chris McKay along with screenwriter Bill Dubuque (The Accountant) intend to do a Nightwing movie for the current DCEU universe.

While this is one of many movies that has been announced and may be months off from actual casting and development, the anticipation for who may play the role of former acrobat/Robin/hero in his own right, Nightwing aka Dick Grayson has gone into overdrive. Without further ado though, here are some of my suggestions based on talent, age, possible availability, physicality and current media profile.

And if it turns out any of these guys are in the running (and it's not Armie Hammer as rumoured in some parts), I will be genuinely surprised.

1: Finn Wittrock

Best known: Roles in American Horror Story, Torchwood and Master Of Sex. Has recently appeared in La La Land too.

2: Jack Falahee

Best Known: Primarily How To Get Away With Murder but also Mercy Street. I could see him bringing a lot of charm to the role.

3: John Boyega

Best Known: Playing Finn in the latest Star Wars trilogy. One of the most talented younger actors out there at the moment and seemed destined for a superhero movie franchise.

4: Kit Harrington

Best Known: The not so dead Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones. He's also appeared in the Spooks movie not so long ago as well.

5: Matt Bomer

Best Known: TV shows such as White Collar and American Horror Story. Matt's been one of those actors who has been fantasy cast as Nightwing for a while. Age wise, if they're going for an older version, he's a viable candidate.

6: Nico Tortorella

Best Known: Trevor in Scream 4 and Josh in Younger. He also hosts a podcast called Love Bomb that may become a television series and has a certain charisma about him.

7: Rami Malek

Best Known: Elliott from Mr Robot. He's emerging as a one to watch kind of actor due to his performance on that particular show and I've seen some fantasy cast him as well..

8: Riz Ahmed

Best Known: Recently in Star Wars: Rogue One as Bodhi Rook. He's also been in The Night Of and Girls recently. I definitely think he's a possible candidate for the role with his rising star and media presence.

9: Steven R McQueen

Best Known: Playing Jeremy in The Vampire Diaries and also has appeared in Chicago Fire. He's also expressed an interest in playing the role in the past.

10: Steven Yeun

Best Known: Glenn from The Walking Dead of course. One of the more ideal older actors for the role as well.

11: Taron Egerton

Best Known: Eggsy from The Kingsman (which has a sequel coming soon). If he hasn't been cast as Jason Todd (as some rumours are floating about seem to suggest), then he could make an excellent Dick Grayson/Nightwing.

12: Tyler Hoechlin

Best Known: Derek Hale for the first four seasons of Teen Wolf but has also recently played Superman himself on Supergirl, which could also give him an edge for Nightwing too.

If I were a betting man, I would hazard a guess that the moment The Batman goes into production (now that it's found it's director with Matt Reeves), the casting for Nightwing could become fairly known especially if the character has something of a supporting role in the movie so to speak.

Now those are my suggestions for Nightwing but what are yours?

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