Saturday, March 18, 2017

Prometheus Unveiled

Yup, it's been an interesting few episodes of some of the shows I've watched over the last few weeks.

Arrow: I have to say the last few episodes have been rather enjoyable. I quite liked the bad girl trinity of China White, Cupid and Lady Cop for one episode while at the same time, the show actually revealing to us that Adrian is Prometheus after all and that Talia is backing him to make Oliver suffer. Predictable as the outcome might have been, it does make sense and it's played out rather well with some nice scene chewing menace from Josh Segarra as Chase too. On the other hand, the Helix storyline remains dull as ditch water and there's too much Rene and not enough Thea for the show's good.

Once Upon A Time: It's been over three months since the mid-season finale but the show is now back and the first two episodes were decent enough. Revelation wise, we now know that Hook killed David's father and Rumple/Belle are somewhat conflicted about their grown up son wanting to kill Emma while Regina has figured out that she might not love the Robin she yanked away from another world. Aside from one of those bits, nothing too earth shattering so far but there are ten episodes left to go and it's been nice to see a little more of August too.

Santa Clarita Diet: I've blitzed through more episodes of this delightfully offbeat show and with two more to go, I've certainly been enjoying it so far. Sheila and Joel working together to maintain the former's diet and learn more about her status has been fun to watch along with Loki also resurfacing as one of the undead. Another plus side was the show bumping off Dan, who had just become too annoying to be kept on for much longer as well as the teenagers on the series getting some decent B-plot material to work with.

Supergirl: A bit of a lull in the show with an arc centred on a returned Jeremiah working for Cadmus. I have to admit, it's not been the strongest arc and much as I love Alex, the show might want to dial the angst factor with her a tiny bit. As for Kara and Mon El's relationship, it's not super compelling but not objectionable either though the Winn/Lyra hook up has been slightly more effective. The show though is struggling to give Jimmy anything meaningful to do and with Kara being fired by Snapper, I do wonder if CatCo is slowly being phased out of the show. On the other hand, Lena lights up the screen every time she appears and the show could do with more appearances from her to be honest.

The Flash: Also suffering a little bit of a lull has been this show. The Grodd two parter was excellent, if a little rushed in it's resolution to Grodd's general attack but the last two episodes have seen both Barry and Wally becoming increasingly reckless and giving the returning Savitar too many advantages.. I did like seeing a few familiar faces (Eddie, Ronnie, Snart, Jay etc) via the Speed Force episode but the way Barry/Iris have been written in the last few episodes hasn't been good. Thankfully though there's an upcoming musical episode to look forward to and not too long before Savitar can finally be taken out for good.

- Andrew J. West and Alison Fernandez will be appearing in the finale in mysterious roles for Once Upon A Time. Both characters will appear in the seventh season if the show is renewed.
- Ryan Murphy will be doing a series focusing on 80's LGBT and ball culture called Pose for FX, due to air in 2018. Does the guy ever sleep?
- Feud's second season will focus on Charles and Diana's estrangement.
- Alexander Siddig has been cast as Ras Al Ghul for the third season finale of Gotham.
- Game Of Thrones eighth and final season will be six episodes. Season 7 will air on HBO from July 16th.
- Riverdale has been renewed for a second season by the CW.
- The CW will also be air Black Lightning instead of FOX. Cress Williams will be playing the title role.
- MTV will rebooting Scream after it's six episode third season airs.
- Midnight Texas will now air during the summer for NBC.
- Jason Isaacs has joined Star Trek: Discovery in the captain's role.

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