Monday, April 30, 2018

Batman 66 - Episodes 29-32 Reviews

A two parter with the most eloquent of baddies and another reveling in the glory of a former medium. Creatively this made for some interesting episodes.

1x29: The Bookworm Turns

The opening scene for this episode is rather daring as for a brief moment we see that Commissioner Gordon was killed. Of course, it didn't last long when he showed up alive and O'Hara's reaction to this is particularly noteworthy. The villain of the piece for this two parter is none other than the Bookworm. Played by Roddy McDowell and introduced into this particular series, he's easily one of the most verbose baddies the show has had and some sensitive to the fact that he lacks an original thought. He does however have a good scheme by using his accomplice, Lydia knock out Robin for the latter to end up bound in a clock tower as part of the cliffhanger. There's a brief cameo from Jerry Lewis to spot as well with this one. 7/10

1x30: While Gotham City Burns

The team up with Batman and O'Hara at the start to save Robin was a nice mix up in dynamics as was the continuation of Bookworm's scheming and the rather public use of a giant cook book as part of things. I liked the Bookworm's attempts of using the Dynamic Duo in his own bid to snag a priceless book and it was almost a pity that he was a one-off villain here, though he has recently appeared in the Batman 66 comics and Batman Vs. Two Face. Still though, this was a fantastic story for a unique one off foe. 7/10

1x31: Death In Slow Motion

There are moments in this show that are so ridiculous, they're utterly sublime and this episode really showed that in it's opening scene. Having the Riddler dressed as Charlie Chaplin and re-enacting a silent movie with his henchmen to disrupt a film festival held by famous silent film collector Mr. Van Jones, and steal the box-office receipts. It's a brilliant plan along with the Riddler also forcing both Batman and Robin to star in their own silent movie while disrupting a Temperance Party and getting everyone to fight with each other. That along with a rather choppy cliffhanger for Robin and this episode is a blast to watch. 9/10

1x32: The Riddler's False Notion

After such a brilliant opening part to this one, the second part really did maintain the fun here. The fakeout with Robin nearly being sawed in half along with him dangling from a ledge - well, it's a good thing the Boy Wonder takes care of his teeth, considering they played a big part in his rescue for this one. The reveal of Riddler actually working to make a silent film with Van Jones was a nice twist along with his failed attempt to rob the guy before the Dynamic Duo defeated him. There's also a nice scene at the end where even Aunt Harriet gets a nice birthday present for good measure while Commissioner Gordon got a brief trip into the Batcave. 9/10

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