Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My Review of Legends Of Tomorrow's 3x18: "The Good, The Bad And The Cuddly"

Written by Marc Guggenheim & Phil Klemmer
Directed by Dermott Downs

Beebo (to Mallus): "Beebo want cuddles."

Now those are three words I didn't expect to be using for a quote for this review. Then again, I also didn't expect that a deadly demon such as Mallus (pronounced Malice) would be taken out by the Blue God himself, Beebo in deluxe formation but at the same time, this is the sort of madness I've come to love with this show as well.

Trading Zambesi for the Wild West meant we got to see Jonah Hex once again but he was the tip of the iceberg for allies for the Legends in this finale. Having Jax, an alternate Kuasa, Helen of Troy, Ava and Nora after Ray/Damien went back in time and the latter chose to sacrifice himself to save his daughter proved to be a great thing when Mallus himself rounded up some vikings, Romans and pirates to help deal with the Legends as well.

Of course the use of the Totems was going to be Mallus's undoing but having Sara, Mick, Amaya, Nate, Zari and Wally merge together as a giant Beebo though still has to be seen to believed. Never have I see an epic battle in a comic book show and not been able to keep a straight face and yet, it was a satisfying way to actually take Mallus out of the equation once and for all.

As the season has progressed, the Totems have been so instrumental and Mallus has grown as a threat but so have the Legends. The amount of people who were willing to fight for them and Ava's rousing speech as well showed that they've truly grown as a team. Even Rip's sacrifice at the start of the episode as well was a testament to his belief in the band of misfits. I didn't expect Rip to die in this one but he wasn't the only exit we got here.

Two deaths, both for love with Rip and Damien to one side, this episode also had Amaya go back to Zambesi and while I knew it was inevitable, I was a little surprised that Nate didn't go with her as well. I do hope this isn't the last we've seen of Amaya though, even if it's unlikely she'll be a regular again next season. While it took me a while to warm to her and Nate as a couple, this season did sell the pairing better and I loved Amaya's interactions with Sara and Zari as well. Even though Ava will be a regular next season, we do need another regular female character on board the Waverider.

As for the last moment of the episode, trust John Constantine to show up with a demon's head to warn the gang they've botched up again. Seeing Gary dressed as Constantine was a little bit surreal though Zari's comparison to an orangey menace made me laugh. Now how John will work as a regular next season, I don't but it's definitely clear the supernatural content is going to be upped a bit when the show comes back.

- It's been five years since Jax last saw the Legends. He's now a father. I'm glad he came back for this one. I also found the flirting with Zari and Jonah pretty sweet as well.
- Calling it now: we're going to get a Ray/Nora romantic pairing next season. I'm also wondering if Constantine and Gary have a thing on the side too.
- The gang arguing about how to pronounce Mallus's name and the latter's irritation over them getting it wrong.
- Chronology: 1942 & 1992 Zambesi, 1874 Salvation and 2018 Aruba.

The Good, The Bad And The Cuddly was a sublime way to end this season. It probably could've done with a few more minutes but it was action packed, emotional, funny, clever and surreal in equal measures. We should all be praising Beebo that this show has gotten a fourth season.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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