Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brothers And Sisters - Season 4 More Promotional Photos

I saw them and decided they were worthy of blogging. Another two and a half months until More4 air the fourth season for UK viewers mind you.

Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys), who this season is broachin into fatherhood. The reaction seems to be mixed with viewers. I'm gonna be objective and see how I feel when the episodes air over here.

Justin Walker (Dave Annable), who this year is intent on marrying both Rebecca and going to med school. Hopefully the latter isn't something the writers decide to jack in when Justin finds the going tough.

Ryan Lafferty (Luke Grimes). If I could vote for a 'neither use, nor ornament' character that wasn't a certain mistress, he'd get my vote. Hopefully Season 4 finds a way of organically keeping him on the show. If not, then the heave ho. No, I'll try and be generous with Ryan.

Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe). Last year saw him dominated with governor ambitions and the near collapse of his marriage. Given the rumours surrounding Kitty this season, can they get things back on track?

Scotty Wandall (Luke Macfarlane), the other half of probably the best gay couple on television right now. Yes, I'm hoping outside of imminent parenthood that the writers have other storylines for Kevin and Scotty.

More pictures can be seen here ...

Gag reel for Season 3 is here ...


Nat said...

I like these new set of pics, at least we're getting some smiley, happy ones!

Have been keeping away from spoilers and reactions to s4 so don't know what people are thinking off the new season. I think its doing better in the ratings though which is good

shawnlunn2002 said...

Thanks Nat. Those photos are certainly great. Season 3 is out on DVD next week.