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My Review of True Blood's 1x12: "You'll Be The Death Of Me"

Written by Raelle Tucker
Directed by Alan Ball

Rene (to Sookie): “You’re not gonna shoot me. Woops. Told you.”

So after twelve episode, both Sookie and Rene have that much needed confrontation with one another that we’ve been clamouring for. In the book, there was something of a low-key feel to it, so it’s not totally surprising that the same would apply here.

Rene certainly had some neck on him. Jason sat in a police cell pouring his heart out and feeling guilty about all the deaths that occurred and Rene went on to suggest that Maudette and company deserved what happened to them. Geez, Rene, I wonder what you deserve then.

Rene’s outing as the killer couldn’t have come anytime sooner than it did here. Andy was ignorant enough to ignore Sookie’s pleas about Drew Marshall but Rene acted weirder towards Sookie (almost like he wanted her to know who he really was), Arlene came across incriminating tapes and Sam could smell him all over.

The scenes between Sookie and Rene certainly had their tense moments. Rene preyed on Sookie’s abilities and certainly went nuts at the right time. Sookie, even when the baddie takes the bullets from the gun, still hold onto the damn thing. Running out of the house was smart. Leaving the only weapon available to you not so much.

Because Sookie spent most of her time trying to hide from Rene, we missed out on her actually asking why he targeted fang bangers. In flashbacks we saw that Cindy was one and that he killed her in a frenzied rage but apart from hatred towards the undead, Rene doesn’t have that much depth as a baddie.

Sookie very nearly escaped from Rene with her life. Sam was able to provide a reasonable enough distraction. Rene’s bigotry also extended to shifters when he furiously started beating on Sam in the same level of disgust that he harboured for Sookie. Only Bill’s rescue attempt was a failure.

In other shows, movies, etc, it wouldn’t take long for daylight to turn a vampire into dust. Here, it’s certainly longer and most definitely agonising as Bill slowly crisped in a bid to get to Sookie. At least Sookie and Sam were able to get him buried before he was actually finished off by the sun. Can’t help but not love Sam for that at least.

As for Rene, there were plenty of horrible ways that he could’ve been dispatched with, so Sookie slicing his neck with a shovel is almost light hearted compared to the anguish that Rene has greatly caused. The one thing I did love from this debacle was everyone rounding up to see her afterwards.

Sookie told everyone about Sam’s heroic, caring side that he needed to show more often. I will agree about the element to his character, even if his jealousy of Bill is a glaring consistency with him. Then there was Tara being all matey with Sookie (more of that next season), Arlene apologising and Jason vowing to be there for her. It’s enough to make you melt. No, I’m not being sarcastic.

As for Sam, one minute he’s loving being the hero of the hour, the next he’s got a face like thunder when he met Tara’s new gal pal. No point being cryptic here, Maryann knows that Sam’s a shifter, he definitely seems to know that something isn’t quite right with her and it’s enough to get him considering skipping town. I know in the books, there’s something between them but I’m guessing the series will intend on doing something different.

Tara right now basically seems to think that Maryann is her fairy godmother. It’s hard to blame Tara for thinking that way. Maryann bailed her from jail, has given her somewhere to stay, sort of introduced her to the handsome looking Eggs and also has given her quite the confidence boost. For that alone, I want to liken Maryann.

I got a kick out of seeing a more confident, relaxed Tara. She is a good person who deserves good shit to happen to her. The unfortunate part is that this episode only confirmed that Maryann is bad news and that Tara will have a new set of problems to deal with in the next few weeks.

Speaking of problems, making teenage girls should be a no-no to vampires. If Eric can’t control Jessica and Pam is annoyed by her, then what hope does Bill have with keeping the stroppy madam in check? Jessica did everything in her power in the previous episode to defy Bill, so I can’t see her turning over a new leaf anytime soon.

Also, it’s convenient that Bill having to face his responsibilities with Jessica should come at the very moment that him and Sookie made up. No apologies were exactly exchanged but the fact that Bill tried to save Sookie from Rene was enough for her to give Bill a second chance.

The other big problem stemmed from Jason’s involvement with the Fellowship. To be fair, Jason is easily led and if Amy had no problems in manipulating him, then a fanatical group intent on wiping out vampires weren’t going to have such a difficult task in doing it also. And just when Sookie was hoping that Jason was going to keep himself out of trouble.

As for the end scene, the foot in Andy’s car. It had better not be Lafayette. I’ve read the second book and I know that Lafayette was attacked in this episode but I seriously do not want him dead. Sookie and Tara on the other hand took ages to scream. Anyone else would’ve yelled quite instantly.

Also in “You’ll Be The Death Of Me”

After seeing Kenya in the previous episode, we got to meet Kevin in this one. He’s not how I’d imagine him.

Tara: “This isn’t food, this is sculpture. And this place? You ain’t just a social worker, are you?
Maryann: “I’m a lot of things. Just like you. Coffee?”

Tara mentioned her name being stupid in an attempt to apologise to Eggs for teasing him about his. Eggs could be an interesting.

Ari (re fang bangers): “And while your methods were flawed, your intentions were pure.”
Jason: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Tara: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed. My name’s screwed up too.”
Eggs: “Tara’s a pretty name. Suits you.”

We got some flashbacks on the moments that Rene/Drew killed Cindy, Maudette, Dawn, Adelle and Amy.

Terry (to Sookie/Rene): “Nobody ever listens to me but they should.”

Sookie: “You have no idea how sick and twisted some people are.”
Rene: “Oh Lordy, I can believe that. Yes Ma’am.”

Arlene found a box with Maudette and Liam’s sexcapades as well as a tape for Cajun Dialect. Wow, Rene, talk about sloppy workmanship there.

Rene: “Spread your legs for a dead man. Mama would roll in her grave.”
Cindy: “Get the fuck out of here.”

Sookie: “Sam, you need to let people see the real you because you’re kind and brave and there’s nothing there not to love.”
Sam: “Right back at you.”

Alan Ball directed this episode but didn’t write it. He did that a lot with the finales for Six Feet Under as well. We also some legalised vampire/human marriage as well.

Sam: “What the hell are you doing here?”
Maryann: “Did you think I wouldn’t find you? You silly, silly dog.”

Sookie: “You’re alive.”
Bill: “Well, technically not but I am healed.”
Sookie: “Would you like to come in?”
Bill: “Yes.”

Standout music: Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble” and Johnny Winter’s “You’ll Be The Death Of Me”.

Jessica: “Hello Daddy.”
Bill: “What’s this?”
Eric: “There are favours and there are favours.”
Pam: “She is extremely annoying.”

Andy: “Where’s my car?”
Tara: “Andy Bellefleur, the only thing you’re driving tonight is us crazy.”

Chronology: There was a two week jump at the end of the episode.

“You’ll Be The Death Of Me” has a sort of low-key feel for a season ender. That’s not to say that plenty doesn’t happen in the episode but it doesn’t have an epic feel to it. However as a finale goes, it’s one of the best ones though.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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