Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Review of "Dead Reckoning"

Written by Charlaine Harris
Released in 2011

Sookie (to herself): “Dangerous Creatures for two hundred, anyone?”

Last year when “Dead In The Family” was released, I decided to wait until the third season had finished airing before reviewing it but this year is a different kettle of fish. It’s less than a week until the fourth season airs on HBO and I have already read “Dead Reckoning” and so, a review is here.

I don’t know if it’s me but the last couple of books have had a feeling that the end was drawing near and this book continues the trend as well. For Sookie and Eric, it’s definitely obvious that their relationship is drawing to a close.

Even if Eric hadn’t been promised to the Queen of Oklahoma by his maker, the fact that Sookie had gotten Amelia’s help in breaking the blood bond between her and Eric speaks volumes. I have to admit that I agree with Bill about what Sookie did – breaking the bond with Eric was a wise decision on her part.

I’ve never been a big shipper of Sookie and Eric in either mediums but I’ve never hated their relationship either. However, I do think that in the context of the books and the fact that there will be consequences for their part in Victor’s death, Charlaine Harris is being smart by paving the way for Sookie and Eric to go their separate ways.

Also, another thing I’ve noticed in the books of late is how much closer Sookie and Sam have gotten too. I love the dynamic and growing affection between the two of them and Jannalyn’s nasty set up with Alcide aside, I actually do want a Sam and Sookie pairing in the last two books and judging by this one, it’s likely I’ll get my wish too.

Though the book also reminded us (in case we had forgotten) how much Bill is still in love with Sookie. Comments about her breasts aside, Bill’s other declarations included being dumped by Judith as well as protecting Sookie from some would be kidnappers, hired by Sandra Pelt.

Other noteworthy stuff in this book included delving a bit further into the fairy lineage of Sookie. It was nice to learn more about her grandmother’s relationship with Fintan and it was also interesting to learn why both Claude and Dermot really are around Sookie and Mr Cataliades own involvement in the Stackhouse family. I’m also pretty sure that the cluviel dor Sookie now owns is going to become vital pretty soon.

More importantly this book finally put the Pelts plot to an end with Sandra causing trouble for Sookie and meeting her comeuppance as a result for it. It’s not quite as good as the bloodbath that ensued in the dispatching of Victor but it’s finally nice to be free of that particular plot strand, once and for all.

- Yet again, this was another book where Jason had naff all to do. I like that Sookie has Hunter, Claude and Dermot in her life but it’s about time Jason contributed more, plot wise and interacted more with his sister.
- Pam had a girlfriend in this one called Miriam. Sadly she died because Victor prevented Pam from turning her.
- I was a little shocked with Eric and Pam brawling at one point in this story.
- In news that will shock no-one, it’s obvious that Jannalyn clearly doesn’t like Sookie. I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes psychotic in the next book.

“Dead Reckoning” is a good book and certainly has some nice moments but it’s not my favourite. It’s better than the previous one and does deserve points for progressing storylines that will inevitably factor in the next two books.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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