Monday, June 20, 2011

The Start Of A Love Story

And here's another look at some of the stuff I've caught up with recently ....

Angry Boys: I was a huge fan of Summer High Heights and with BBC3 not doing a lot of decent comedy themselves, I was pleased that they decided to air the third show from Chris Lilley and as a series go, I like this one. The characters might not be as well defined (though Prison Gran is priceless) but there's definitely a lot of potential and some of the stereotyping is handled better than other comedies. Definitely one to look out for, though I can't help but think that BBC3 are trying to rush through it with the double bills.

Camelot: I was dubious about this series and with Merlin, did we need another Arthurian series? Apparently we do and while this one is obviously geared for adults (swearing, sex scenes, violent deaths), it's actually a pretty good show. All of the actors are decent in their roles, even Jamie Campbell Bowers as Arthur and the banter between him and Merlin is less bromance and more student/mentor, which should please the purists. I quite like Eva Green's take on Morgan who managed to achieve killing Uther in the first ten minutes of the series whereas Morgana has managed to fail with that task in three seasons of Merlin. I guess I owe my sister an apology for thinking this would be rubbish then. Looking forward to the remainder of the season.

Game Of Thrones: Again, I went from liking this show to utterly loving it. The last few episodes just kept upping the game and the seeming deaths of Drogo and Ned certainly raised the stakes. Is it wrong that I hope Joffrey meets a violent ending next year? Even Cersei looked shocked when he opted to have Ned beheaded. More importantly the continuous bigger roles that Dany, Cat and Tyrien have had in the last few episodes are another highlight of this series. I only have the finale to catch up on now.

Smallville: Ah, at long last - E4 got off their backsides to air the 10th and final season of the series and the first two episodes were wonderful. Let's see - there's a young Lex type clone that Tess has taken under her wing, Clark continues to get closer to his destiny, Lois finally knows who Clark and had Carter for company in Egypt, Cat Grant made a brief appearance and gave some food for thought to Clark, Chloe faked her own death and Oliver got tortured for most of the first episode. That aside, this was a nice return to form for the series.

The Vampire Diaries: I planned to catch up with this series earlier but when TG4 announced they were airing it in June, I decided to wait. The first episode of Season 2 certainly seemed to prove this show wasn't a one trick pony. Katherine is an excellent thorn in the arse for Elena, Damon and Stefan, Damon is still an asshole at times (though even I don't blame him too much for his attempted kill on Jeremy), Bonnie is still fantastic (loved her being a bitch to Damon) and Caroline looks like she's about to have a bigger role on the show. I'm totally sticking with this series.

- James Frain will be guest starring on Burn Notice.
- Kristin Chenowith has mentioned that Good Christian Belles is unlike any show on TV. I think I can compare it to at least one.
- BBC controller Danny Cohen has announced that they will air The Voice in 2012. Judges have yet to be announced.
- Molly Parker is the latest cast addition to be added to Dexter's upcoming sixth season.
- Elizabeth Rodriguez has joined the cast of the US version of Prime Suspect.
- Gilles Marini will be appearing in the new series of Seperated At Birth.
- Emmy Rossum has joked that all the cast for the US Shameless are going to hell next season. UK viewers can see the series on More4 from Thursday at 10pm.
- E4 have claimed the rights to new series Happy Endings, which they will air in September.

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