Saturday, June 04, 2011

New York New York

And here's some of the latest stuff I've been watching, including some finales as well ...

Desperate Housewives: It's finales like these that actually remind me that the show can fire on all cylinders when it pays attention. Having the housewives united because they've witness Carlos killing Gabby's evil stepfather in self-defense was certainly the best bit of this episode where the rest of the ingredients involved Renee taking her ex-husband's imminent remarriage badly and Lynette/Tom's marriage continuing to go down the crapper. I did like the Come Dine With Me means of celebrating Susan's return to Wisteria Lane as well and Bree and Chuck continue to work well as a couple but next series should be it's last.

Game Of Thrones: I think I'm going from enamoured with this show to nearly addicted. After a slow start, something with this series has gotten better. Maybe it's the charactersation or the inventive means of death (Viserys literally getting crowned springs to mind) but this show is certainly getting more and more gripping. Characters like Ned, Tyrien, Cat, Renly and Dany have definitely shined in the last couple of weeks and with three episodes left, I am definitely glad I have stuck with this show.

Glee: As a finale, this one was pretty good. Not as good as it's first one but definitely an excellent end to a pretty good season. Romantic wise, I don't care about Rachel/Finn and while Kurt/Blaine's 'I love yous' were rushed, they were rather nice and I liked the reveal about Sam/Mercedes as well. Still, there were some disappointments - the gang's under preparation meant they came in 12th, nothing was progressed with Brittany/Santana, Jesse served no real purpose in this episode, Will's dreams were gotten out of the way and Quinn didn't go through with her plan for vengeance. Still, there's always next season to rectify some of that stuff.

The Kennedys: I'm going to get blasted for this but now I can see why this eight part miniseries struggled to get a channel to broadcast it - it's a damp squib. It's well filmed and there are some good actors but I caught the first two episodes (and will watch the remaining six) and it didn't really come alive for me. More importantly, I'm not getting any chemistry at all between Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes (the latter of whom seems miscast as Jackie Kennedy). I hope this improves because so far, I'm not impressed with this at all.

V: I caught the final two episodes and it's a shame that this series was cancelled because the final opened such possibilities. A series without Tyler, Erica having a stronger ally force with Project Aries, Anna and Amy blissing the entire world, Lisa's punishment and Diana and Ryan's deaths as well. With the ratings being a disaster, ABC were wise to pull the plug but it's a shame none of these awesome storylines will be full resolved now.

- Patrick Dempsey has admitted he will be leaving Grey's Anatomy after the upcoming eighth season.
- Glee will be adding four new characters to the it's third season, including two named Rebecca and Marilyn.
- Eliza Dushku as well as doing Torchwood: Web Of Lies will also be guest starring in the third season of White Collar as well.
- Benedict Cumberbatch will be starring in an upcoming BBC/HBO World War 1 co-production called Parade's End alongside Rebecca Hall.
- Jane Lynch will be hosting the 2011 Emmys.
- Jane Espenson has claimed that SyFy's remake of Randall And Hopkirk: Deceased will be realistic.
- UK viewers can finally see the 10th and final season of Smallville, Tuesdays at 9pm on E4 from June 7th.
- Brea Grant is the latest cast signing for the sixth season of Dexter. Others include Colin Hanks, Billy Brown, Mos Def and Edward James Olmos.

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