Thursday, June 30, 2011

Soap Discussion - June 2011

And now my usual way to end the month ....

Coronation Street: Becky McDonald - in six years, I've gone from disliking you to tolerating you to absolutely despising you to the point where I'm hoping your exit at the start of 2012 results in death. The sulky, tantrum throwing bitch seems to becoming more and more of a pain in the arse every time she disgraces the screen, that it's amazing new manager Stella hasn't smacked her one yet. Michelle Collins Northern accent might be dodgy as hell but the character's likeable enough and the storyline involving Leanne is interesting enough too. Also interesting this month included Carla's meltdown over her mother's death and Sylvia's acid response to learning about Roy and Hayley's relationship.

EastEnders: Another month, another influx of Moons to descend on the square. Okay, while Tyler falls into the cute but bland category, at least Eddie actually has made a decent impact and Michael has becoming a far more fascinating character. Actually, this has been a great month for the show - the disastrous mendhi, Yusef's reveal of being responsible for Zainab's scars, Janine losing her grandmother and even Max and Tanya's affair have all been good storylines. Less good is surly Shirley and her jealousy over Phil and Rainie but you can't get everything right though.
Emmerdale: Okay, I am not congratulating this show on Jackson's death because like a certain baby swap storyline in another soap, this storyline did not move me - it annoyed me deeply and there's a part of me that doesn't give a damn if Aaron winds up being sent down for it. The acting was fine, great in parts but the whole storyline in general has left a bad feeling for me and it hasn't help that the rest of this month's storylines haven't been interesting. Did I need to see Gennie get rejected by Nikhil or even Debbie miscarry or the tedium of Adam and Ella? Sort it out, show.
Fair City: Otherwise known as the month for an affair between Jo and Tommy that came out of nowhere or the fling between Yvonne and Dean that similarly came out of nowhere. Or the month where Carol wound up pregnant and doesn't know who the father is or the month where Mark snapped, beat the crap out of Suzanne and she briefly went out with David, the son of Esther's we previously knew nothing about. Funny enough, apart from the first storyline, the rest of them have been enjoyable.

Hollyoaks: Leanne, you're becoming a bad joke. Your bunny boiling antics with Lee and Amy were entertaining a while ago but now it's just tiresome to watch. And why would she pull the same stunt with Amy this time that she did beforehand? Oh yeah - because everyone's been downing stupid pills and believe that Amy attacked Leanne. Still, it's not as insulting as gormless Liberty and Theresa being two timed by Ethan or Mercedes being daft enough to keep pretending she's carrying Riley's child. On the plus side, I did enjoy meeting Bart's mates, who were far less annoying than I feared.

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