Thursday, April 03, 2014

Doctor Who - Series 8 More Casting

A new block of episodes are being filmed for the upcoming eighth series of Doctor Who and thanks to both the BBC site and the latest issue of DWM, some casting has been confirmed.

Tom Riley best known for his role as Leonardo DaVinci in Starz production, DaVinci's Demons (currently airing it's second season) will appear in the new series third episode, penned by Mark Gatiss. Rumoured to be a Robin Hood themed episode, Riley's co-stars for the episode also include Trevor Cooper (Takis in Revelation Of The Daleks), Ian Hallard (An Adventure In Space And Time), David Benson, Sabrina Bartlett and Roger Ashton-Griffiths. The episode is one of two episodes rumoured to be written by Gatiss for the upcoming series as well.

Meanwhile the sixth episode, written by Gareth Roberts and set in the present day will not only see the return of Samuel Anderson as fellow Coal Hill teacher, Danny Pink but will also feature a guest cast that will include Nigel Betts (Emmerdale), Jimmy Vee (Voyage Of The Damned), Andy Gillies and Edward Harrison (Doctors). Not too much has been disclosed about this episode, except that it's being filmed first before Mark Gatiss's episode is then filmed. Both episodes are also directed by Paul Murphy.

Tom Riley's Casting:
More Casting News:

Series 8 of Doctor Who is currently being filmed with an Autumn date slated for BBC1.

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