Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Review of DaVinci's Demons 2x05: "The Sun And The Moon"

Written by Dan Hess And Corey Reed
Directed by Jon Jones

Ima (to DaVinci): “You are not the first of your kind to arrive.”

Not only that but DaVinci, Zoroaster and Amerigo were even beaten by Riario, Nico and Zita in terms of landing in the New World. I had been waiting for the show to finally get there and it seems like it’s going to be a rather interesting set of events with the Incas, their high priestess Ima and of course, the further plotlines about the Book Of Leaves.

In this episode alone we got some moments of wonder with DaVinci and the gang exploring a whole new world before getting captured by the Incas and nearly sacrificed until DaVinci managed to figure out at the last minute what their little test actually meant. He certainly took his time because Zoroaster came pretty close to being killed off in this episode, which almost wouldn’t have been a bad thing.

Getting to Zoroaster – I like the character for the most part and I certainly don’t have a problem with him questioning DaVinci’s pursuit of knowledge from time to time but while every other character has shown some flourishes of character development this season – he hasn’t.

In fact all Zoroaster really did in this episode was mostly whine and make some lewd comments and it grated for the first time in what was otherwise an interesting episode. Well, he also attacked Riario in Nico’s honour but his whining and risky attempts of escaping captivity just didn’t do the character any favours this week.

As for the Inca tribe – the power struggle between the masked Lord and Ima was certainly interesting to watch. It wasn’t too shocking that she was eager for DaVinci and his crew to survive and the fact that she has links to his mother was a satisfying enough twist as well. I’m quite intrigued to see where the writers are going to go with Ima and DaVinci and I’m certainly intrigued by the proposed alliance with DaVinci and Riario as well.

Speaking of alliances – I’m also enjoying the one with Clarice and Carlo as well for good measure. I liked that their scheming managed to sort out the Medici banking problem and current dissent for the time being but the fact that they began sleeping together was probably only a shocker because Vanessa witnessed it. Aside from that, it was fairly predictable but enjoyable stuff nonetheless and at least Clarice is having better luck than her husband at the moment.

If everyone else was making some progress this week, then Lorenzo and Piero were definitely on the opposite end of the scale. Along with Alfonso being a right prick to them by spiking their food, his father Ferrante is also a right sadist but at least he’s threatening in a way that Alfonso clearly isn’t. On the plus side, I get the feeling that Ippolita will end up helping both Lorenzo and Piero before her father in law can gut the pair of them.

Also in “The Sun And The Moon”

I did laugh at Amerigo deciding to name the New World “Vespuccia”. Come on, Amerigo, it’ll come to you.

Amerigo: “I’ll mourn you as I’m celebrated for discovering this land.”
Zoroaster: “Of course you’d take the credit cos you’re a buzzard’s conkasaurus.”

The marking on DaVinci’s key were seen in the trees and amongst the Incan tribe. The puzzle turned out to be about life – water, corn, the soil etc too.

Lorenzo: “Clarice has her virtues.”
Ippolita: “Do you read poetry together?”

Carlo: “You’re as clever as you are beautiful.”
Clarice: “Don’t waste your time flattering me.”

Given that Carlo and Clarice are now sleeping together, it won’t be too much of a shock to see Lorenzo and his ex, Ippolita do the same thing next week.

Ferrante (to Lorenzo): “You speak of fear. I will show you fear.”

DaVinci (re Ima): “Whatever’s about to happen, she’s not happy about it.”
Zoroaster: “Yeah, makes two of us.”

This episode didn’t feature Lucrezia or Pope Sixtus at all. I don’t even think the former was even mentioned really.

DaVinci: “Count.”
Riario: “Artiste.”

Chronology: Several weeks or even months since “The Ends Of The Earth” considering DaVinci’s new hairdo and Vanessa visibly show her pregnancy.

“The Sun And The Moon” might be the best episode of the season especially that every plot worked well and Wales has surprisingly been made to look convincing enough as the New World. I definitely can’t wait to see where the remainder of this season now goes after the interesting first half we’ve had.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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