Tuesday, April 01, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 3x17: "Addiction"

Written by Joe Fazzio
Directed by Tara Nicole Weyr

Victoria (re Emily): “For once, she wins legitimately.”

Who would’ve thought that an episode centred on a poker game with Emily and Victoria would be a bit dull? Probably everyone who has commented on it in the last two days but nonetheless, this was something of a non event, episode wise.

Emily orchestrated another convoluted plot in order to gain Pascal’s trust and quickly realised that the slippery Frenchman was testing her and that Victoria also allowed her to win at the table. So far, very predictable stuff.

I really didn’t like Pascal in the last episode and I found myself disliking him just that tiny bit more in this one as well. The only vaguely interesting thing that happened with the character was Margaux and Daniel forcing him to sign over Voulez to the former and that was just it really. Everything else was pretty boring.

Maybe I am being somewhat grouchy but I just don’t care about Victoria and Pascal as a couple. This isn’t the first time the show has done ‘the one that got away’ romance with Victoria (Dominik from the first season, anyone?) and the fact that both Madeleine Stowe and Oliver Martinez have no chemistry certainly doesn’t help the story either.

It’s also impossible to care about Victoria and Pascal when you just know it’ll be over in a few episodes time after both Emily and Aiden have crossed the latter of their revenge list as well. Having a link between Pascal and Aiden’s father (Trevor Warren Mathis) at least solved one mystery but the sooner Pascal is dealt with, the better in my book.

As for Victoria, I like that she’s at least attempting to be a bit cleverer in trying to take Emily. I am hoping with all this deducing she’s been making about her former daughter in law that it will lead to her finding out about Emily’s real identity because right now, something big really needs to happen. The second half of this season has felt like it’s been stalling for too long now.

Also keeping with the non revenging plots – I hated that Margaux let Daniel plant some doubt about her relationship with Jack, even if they do end up going their seperate ways at some point. In all fairness, Jack was actually pretty decent in this episode and it did make Margaux look foolish that she believed Daniel about Emily.

As for Stevie – she was foolish to hand over the deed to Grayson Manor back to Conrad but in spite of the manipulation on his part and near relapse on hers, I do think Stevie continues to be a great character. I honestly want her to stick around even for next season if the show can come up with a good motive (aside from getting to know her son and grandson). She might have let Conrad get the better of her this week but hopefully she’ll get her own back on him and Victoria later on.

Also in “Addiction”

Javier’s pursuit of Charlotte was both tactical and a little creepy. Charlotte should’ve been a tiny bit suspicious when he guessed her favourite movies.

Nolan: “Oh, I see it’s a program designed to inflate your ego.”
Javier: “It only speaks the truth.”

Keeping with Charlotte, I liked that she was pissed off when Daniel reneged on their agreement to leave Jack out of things.

Emily: “There are two sides to every story, Pascal as there are two sides to every coin.”

Victoria: “Did you ever really want to hear about your mother’s dating history?”
Daniel: “God no, but Pascal?”

That scene with Victoria and Daniel discussing the former’s love life felt a little similar to the ones we had with Victoria and Patrick earlier in the season.

Aiden: “Could you just admit you came to see me?”
Emily: “So I wanted to see you. I’m sorry I’ve come. I miss you.”

Javier: “Should I have said that?”
Charlotte: “No, I’m glad you did. Your honesty is refreshing.”
Javier: “As is your attitude towards ex-cons.”

Standout music: Karen Elson’s “Gold Dust Woman”.

Pascal (re Emily): “You’re tricking her?”
Victoria: “I’m hunting her.”

Chronology: A while since “Disgrace”.

Yeah, “Addiction” was something of a dull, non event, I’m afraid. A few choice scenes aside (and an interesting cameo from Morgan Fairchild), literally nothing happened in this episode at all. The final five really do need to pull the show out of the slump it seems to be in at the moment.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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