Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Review of Empire's 2x09: "Sinned Against"

Written by Eric Haywood
Directed by Paul McCrane

Skye: "Thank you for seeing me."
Jamal: "Thank you for letting me."

Okay, can I pretend that last scene didn't happen or at the very least can I hope that it was a moment where both Jamal and Skye got caught up in the moment and next week's finale won't push a trope that I really don't want to watch, yes? I like being optimistic and considering that every other character on this show is straight, we don't need to see Jamal exploring whether or not he likes women after all.

Other than that, I'm really glad the show got Alicia Keys for an episode. Although it didn't seem like there was a big difference between her and her character, Skye Summers (except maybe purple hair), I did overall enjoy the character (minus that completely not needed kiss) and I actually thought both her and Jamal made some lovely music together and that's all these two should be making. Whether it's the writers or the networks, either way, knock it off. You have plenty of straight characters on the show as it is.

Anyways moving along, this week we also saw Lucious being told he was past it by a certain guest guest star (more on that later) and this resulted in him being more determined into buying into that streaming company, even going as far as to actually take Andre's advice but judging by next week, it looks like it's going to be a decision he'll regret though.

On the plus side, he did manage to expose Laz for who he really is in front of Hakeem and Cookie and didn't seem as smug about it as he usually would've done in that sort of situation. I'm really glad they finished up that story as soon as Laz conveniently began to show some signs of having a conscience for scamming Cookie in the first place. Laz, you were pretty but the door is that a way.

Keeping with Cookie for a bit - I did like the scenes with her, Candace, Carol and former cell mate, Pepper (played by Rosie O'Donnell). Actually the scenes were some of the strongest this week - ranging from hilarious to actually revealing - about the sisterly dynamic with Cookie, Carol and Candace and the friendship with Cookie and Pepper was pretty fun to watch as well. O'Donnell can come back for another episode far as I'm concerned.

Aside from that this week we had Anika in full stalker mode. I've seen some fans complain about her unhealthy obsession with Hakeem seems a bit much and a part of me agrees. Like Michael this season, they're genuinely struggling with her but I wouldn't be too sad if her antics did result in Hakeem and Laura splitting up. The only thing that shocked me was that Anika just didn't tell Hakeem she was pregnant but I guess they're leaving that one for next week, right?

Also in "Sinned Against"

What exactly did Carol do while Cookie was in prison? I guess we won't have long to wait for that one.

Candace: "You can keep on counting Cookie cos I don't do prisons."
Cookie: "Bitch!"

Keeping with the guest stars, co-creator himself Lee Daniels appeared briefly in this episode. He was the one to tell Lucious he was past it.

Lucious: "Trust me I've got a few great decades left in me but for the record, Empire would be thrilled to have Skye Summers on it's roster."

Carol: "I ain't going nowhere with you Cookie unless it's to get something to eat."

Rhonda seemed a little too accepting of Lucious handing over an expensive house to her and Andre? She's not stupid, she must have some suspicions for his motives.

Lucious: "What do you want?"
Hakeem: "This son can't be bought."

Skye: "I envy you man."
Jamal: "Why you envy me woman?"

Standout music: Jamal/Skye's "Powerful" as well as Hakeem/Laura's "Miracles".

Anika: "It's clear that you love me."
Hakeem: "I don't love you so get it through your damn head."

Chronology: Not long from where My Bad Parts left off.

A strong episode, though not as great as the previous one. That being said, aside from one scene that the show really could've done without, Sinned Against certainly had some great moments and some great music though.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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