Saturday, November 07, 2015

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 2x07: I Want You To Die

Well, that escalated rather quickly, didn't it? And there's still two episodes after this one to go as well.

Written by Warren Hsu Leonard
Directed by Kevin Bray

How's Your Night: Oh, Oliver. Of course there was going to have to be a time when his good intentioned helping out with the gang (how cool was it that Annalise thanked him?) was going to backfire on him and helping to snare the crazed Philip backfired spectacularly as instead of going for the honey trap that is Connor (whose overprotectiveness was bloody sweet this week), Philip decided to face off and possibly kidnap Oliver instead. The trailer for next week has me more worried for Oliver's safety than who might have actually shot Annalise for once. Oh and that comment Frank made about wanting to spank Oliver over Connor - quote of the week, right?

It's Him: Ever since this show began there's been an ongoing suspicion that Annalise might be Wes's real mother and in a way this episode seemed to hint at that or at least at the fact that Annalise knows a lot about Wes than she's been letting on so far. Eve, when she wasn't making sure that Nate didn't get sent to prison for his wife's death gently confronted Annalise on the issue and I assume the next two episodes will give us the actual answer though. Speaking of Eve and repeating myself yet again - please don't let her be the one to shoot Annalise. Thanks show. And let Oliver be alive too.

Looking At You Differently: The mystery of Trotter Lake was resolved here - Asher is thankfully not a rapist but he was too drunk to stop his friends from raping Tiffany though which managed to disgust Bonnie along with the fact that she's aware of Asher knowing about her past. The confrontation scene between Bonnie and Asher though was nothing on the one between the former and Annalise. Bonnie went pure psycho during that scene, even telling Annalise that she wanted her dead. This dark version of Bonnie is a lot more interesting to watch but I'm not assuming she's the one who'll pull the trigger on Annalise. As for Sinclair, I think it might have been Bonnie if that last moment of this episode was anything to go by.

No Worries: This week Laurel found herself mostly being put out by Annalise being snarky towards her, which at this point you'd think she'd be desensitised to. Of course, Laurel assumed that Annalise was bothered about her sleeping with Frank but it turns out that Laurel just isn't a worry for Annalise, which should be a compliment. Laurel did have some slightly better material using her smarts to solve the case and there seems to be a her/Wes and Connor/Michaela division in the flashforwards too.

Stalky Ones: While this episode was gripping, the case of the week wasn't particularly exciting for me. It involved a stalking ex-husband unwilling to move on from his former wife and driving her current husband to suicide. Granted there was a few unexpected twists and Laurel showed her smarts amidst everyone else's doubts but it was easily the weakest link of an otherwise gripping episode.

Next week, the search for Oliver is on as Connor assumes the worst.

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