Friday, November 06, 2015

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Hotel - Room Service

It's still Halloween and this week we've got the most pretentious guests from hell and an outbreak of kiddie vampires to find either terrifying or annoying, depending on your mood.

Written by Ned Martel
Directed by Michael Goi

Pate Ala Catfood: Because Ryan Murphy likes working with various people on other projects and timing with Lea Michele playing someone slightly different on Scream Queens, former Glee heartthrob Darren Criss wound up in the Hotel Cortez this week with a girlfriend. The pair of them were a bunch of obnoxious hipsters who grated on newly made vampire Iris's last nerve until she gloriously snapped and killed the pair in a manner less gruesome than previous kills on this show. I'm calling it now - Criss will be back as a regular next season like Matt Bomer has been this year. I'd almost be shocked if he wasn't to be honest. As for Kathy Bates, this was without a doubt her best episode this season as Iris truly came to life as a character now that she's a member of the undead.

Save One Child, Doom Many Others: When it comes to this whole new vampire lark, you think maybe we should get a scene where Tristan, Iris and Alex all sit down and compare notes? Anyways, this week Alex mucked up royally by using her new blood to save a patient and therefore infecting several other kids as vampires, which is not a plot that I care to see much more of but inevitably will have to though. When Alex wasn't messing up royally she was forced into obeying the Countess's house rules and become the new governess to Holden and the rest of the kids. For a tiny moment, Alex also expressed some brief interest in her estranged husband but that quickly dissipated.

Blacking Out: Speaking of John - still not his week. His attempts of telling a very bored looking Robert Knepper that he had a dinner party with America's most famous and dead of serial killers wasn't believed, effectively losing his job and he had some rather nasty hate sex with Sally, which wasn't particularly riveting or racy to watch. Oh and some more allusions to him possibly being the Ten Commandments Killer was made in this episode by Sally making a point of John's blackouts and whatnot.

A Little Yelp: After getting Miss Evers backstory last week, this week it was Liz Taylor's turn as we journeyed back into 1984 where Liz was an unhappy married medical rep named Nick who visited the Cortez, had the pleasure of meeting the Countess who killed his homophobic fellow reps (this episode emphasised that Nick/Liz isn't gay) and got Nick to embrace his true identity. Without a doubt Liz has become the best character that Denis O'Hare has played on the series so far and his scenes with Kathy Bates and Lady Gaga were utterly superb to watch.

Plotting Vengeance: Following their absences last week (and this week there was no Will, March, Scarlett or Evers), we briefly got a look into Donovan and Ramona who kind of flirted with each other and quickly deduced the invisible Iris would be a perfect inside man for their revenge against the Countess. Yeah, I wouldn't be so sure about that. Given that Ramona and Liz quickly sussed that Iris is now a vampire, it looked like the Countess picked up on it too, following a cryptic exchange between her and Alex towards the end of this one. On the other hand, it does look like Ramona isn't going to waste too much time though.

Next week, John loses himself so more, Ramona and the Countess face off and could Will be a dead man walking?

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