Saturday, November 21, 2015

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 2x09: What Did We Do?

And this just happened. When it comes to mid season and actual finales, this show is on fire and this is an episode that once you've seen, you won't be forgetting any time soon. As for Annalise's shooting, that bit might not shock you but other things will, big time.

Written by Michael Foley And Erika Green Swafford
Directed by Bill D'Elia

Now It'll Work: Hot damn. I think in the end, maybe it had to be Wes who would end up shooting Annalise, especially as a consequence of being told that Rebecca was dead but even with the obviousness of it, I still found the moment where he pulled the trigger after she goaded him to aim for the leg pretty shocking to watch. Annalise's great plan to make it look like Catherine went on a homicidal rampage spectacularly blew up in her face and while Connor, Michaela and Laurel were just about able to resist her goading, Wes succumbed to it and shot her. Except that wasn't the only thing we learned about this episode concerning him.

Christoph: So, as Annalise was bleeding out on the floor she kept calling Wes 'Christoph' and then we had a flashback to 10 years earlier where a little boy of the same name was being interviewed at the police station before being told his mother had been killed. Then there was Annalise and Eve wondering about their own responsibility for the woman's death. First of all - totally glad that Eve turned out not to be the shooter in all this and secondly, this 'Christoph' is going to mean more of her in the second half of the season and a bigger delving into Wes's past, both of which work for me.

She Had It Coming: Maybe I should've felt sorry for Sinclair but for some reason and in spite of the points she made about a few characters in this episode, I just couldn't do it. We found out halfway through the episode that Asher inadvertently backed into her with his car and killed herself and then Bonnie and Asher threw her off the roof of the Hapstall manor. This now effectively means that everyone on this show has either covered up a murder or has actually murdered someone. This darker path the show is taking with Asher though, I kind of love. However we're still in the dark as to what he actually confessed to with the cops.

Doing Anything For Her: Sinclair's actions really became her own undoing this week. Going after Asher's father resulted in him committing suicide and needling Nate resulted in him being fired as well and even trying to appeal to his better side in order to take down Annalise didn't exactly work in her favour either. Then there was the unwise moment of baiting Asher and getting killed as a result. As an antagonist, she had more bite than Wendy and I'll kind of miss her for that but I do think it was smart of the show to kill her off now rather than overextend her welcome.

The Case: Is still hanging in the air, isn't it? We didn't get any closer to actually finding out who murdered the Hapstalls, only that Catherine looked guilty by having a gun and that Annalise decided to hang her out to dry and only represent Caleb instead. Then we also had Frank drugging Catherine and leaving her out in the woods but with six episodes left, it'll be interesting to see how this case is resolved amongst the other myriad of storylines they've set up for the second half of the season.

The show returns from February 11th on ABC.

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