Saturday, November 14, 2015

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 2x08: Hi, I'm Philip

Every week I keep going on about how great this show is but has there ever been a recent series that has managed to avoid the sophomore slump? Once again, this was another gem of an episode with a few shockers too.

Written by Tanya Saracho
Directed by Jennifer Getzinger

He's Alive: Not gonna lie, I was a little worried for Oliver last week when Philip invited himself in but after one slightly dubious scene, it turned out that Oliver is alive and well and Philip is just more irritated with being spied on than eager to kill someone. Still, it didn't stop Connor from going into overprotective boyfriend mode for most of this episode followed by some genuine sexy times with both him and Oliver on Annalise's desk of all places towards the end of the episode. As you tell, this was a great episode to be a fan of these guys.

Cousin Creepy: As for Philip, he might not have hurt Oliver (for which we're all grateful for) but he certainly exuded a shit load of creepiness prior to the last scene he shared with Catherine. So, that girl has been having it off with both her brother and cousin then? Um, okay then. I guess the writers really want to pursue Michaela/Caleb then. I guess then that Philip might have murdered the parents or he's covering for Catherine. It was Wes though (one of the few characters not getting laid this week) who pieced the connection with Catherine and Philip.

Bringing Out The Girls: With Laurel taking over Bonnie's position and Annalise pitting her and Frank against each other (they eventually made up and had meatballs), Michaela tried her damndest to get Caleb not to take a plea deal and later had sex with the bloke before he confessed to finding the missing murder weapon and wondering if his sister is a killer. Then again, Caleb could be playing a long game with Michaela. Either way, just one more episode until we know everything, right?

Bad Bugger: In a weird way, I almost feel sorry for Sinclair. Granted, she's been an irritant all season but unlike Wendy, at least she's been an extended thorn for Annalise, even if this week she well and truly screwed herself over. Asher showed some insight by realising she had bugged the office and Annalise used the situation to completely screw Sinclair over with Catherine and Caleb. It was pretty clever to see unfold to be honest and of course, only one more episode to go before Sinclair is taken out too.

Reconnecting: Last week we had some lovely, intimate moments with Annalise and Eve and this week, it was time for a reconnection of sorts with Annalise and Nate as the two of them worked together and had sex (which Wes kind of interrupted). Parts of it were sweet and some of it was odd too if I'm being honest. Considering the damage between, I can't see Annalise and Nate completely rekindling their relationship without something going wrong. Unless this was a set up for the big shooting next week, right?

Next week it's time to learn who shot Annalise. My money's on Bonnie at the moment.

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