Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Different Kind Of Hero

This will probably be my penultimate TV jumble blog for 2015 and it's a bit of a superhero themed one (minus one show possibly) so here goes ....

Arrow: Well, that episode certainly gave us a version of Little Drummer Boy we're unlikely to forget, right? Oh and Felicity might be dead thanks to Damien Darhk, except I get the distinct impression that she won't be but the show needs it's dosage of Oliver angst to keep things ticking over though. I did like the mid season finale and Damien has certainly been a much more interesting villain than Ras turned out to be. Then there was also the previous episode which crossed over with The Flash and served to set up Vandal Savage/Hawkman/Hawkgirl for Legends Of Tomorrow. That one I liked a little more to be honest.

Jessica Jones: It finally debuted after months of hype and I decided to watch most of this Marvel show quicker than I did with Daredevil. So far, I've seen four episodes but what I've seen, I've pretty much enjoyed to be honest. Krysten Ritter has been perfect as the caustic former superhero while David Tennant has provided an all too real sense of menace to Kilgrave. The detective noir vibe has certainly worked in the show's favour and the supporting characters with Trish, Luke Cage and Hogarth have also worked really well so far. Definitely a must see.

Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD: UK viewers will be delighted to know this airs on E4 in January but in the US, it recently finished up and the last few episodes have been great. For fans of Fitz and Simmons, there's been plenty to admire and the escalating feud with both Coulson and Ward certainly took a more interesting than expected turn. It'll be interesting to see how the show moves forward following the note it ended on but it should make for a very watchable second half.

Once Upon A Time: Last few episodes have been a bit of a bust. The Emma/Hook centred Broken Hearts was one of the worst episodes the show has done but things did pick up slightly with the mid season finale finishing the Dark One plot (though not Camelot it seems) and bringing in the Underworld. There was also some entertainment with Regina finding a way to get Zelena out of the picture and hopefully when the show returns in March, the pacing will be a bit better.

Supergirl: Continuing to fly the flag for great superheroes, this show has gotten better and better to watch and the mid season finale was certainly an interesting note to end on. Astra's been a great antagonist all season long and this episode added some needed grey area to the character. Coupled with the arrival of Non, Hank's secret identity revealed to Alex and Cat working out that Kara's Supergirl, I can't wait for the show to return next year.

The Flash: First of all, that little nod to Batman: The Animated Series episode Christmas With The Joker was one of the best things ever. Then there was the team up of Captain Cold (before he got other ideas), the Trickster (minus junior this time) and Weather Wizard to give Barry something of a danger filled Christmas. This show continues to hit it out of the ballpark and between giving Patty more of an edge, having Harrison at ransom to Zoom and introducing Wally West, the ante on this show keeps getting upped and it's wonderful to watch. As for the Arrow/Legends Of Tomorrow episode, that was another gem too. Vandal Savage is a delightfully theatrical villain, isn't he?

- Megalyn Echikunwoke will be reprising her role as Vixen for the second half of Arrow's fourth season. She'll first appear in episode 14.
- Matt Nable will reprise his role as Ras Al Ghul for Legends Of Tomorrow. Sky1 have the rights for the upcoming series.
- Gotham will be adding Melinda Clarke, Michael Bowen and Lori Petty for the second half of Season 2.
- Teri Reeves will recur in the second half of Once Upon A Time an older, warrior version of Dorothy Gale.
- Sarah Paulson will reprise her role of Billie Dean Howard for the season finale of American Horror Story: Hotel.
- Channel 5 will air the new series of The X Files. 5* will air Heroes: Reborn.
- Homeland and The Affair have been renewed for further seasons by Showtime.
- Adam Stafford has been cast as Geomancer for the second half of The Flash's second season.

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Anonymous said...

"There was also some entertainment with regina finding a way to get Zelena out of the picture and hopefully when the show returns in March."

Hopefully what? Good post as always! P.S. The episode was "Broken Heart", singular.