Friday, December 18, 2015

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Hotel - She Gets Revenge

Wrapping for a few weeks for the Christmas, the series decided to deliver an episode where some loose ends got resolved (possibly just one really) and vengeance was served pretty well too.

Written by James Wong
Directed by Bradley Buecker

Jealousy's A Killer: And this week, both Donovan and the Countess highlighted yet again their utter selfishness by bumping off the competition. What the hell was the point in adding Rudolph and Natacha if they were going to be dispatched off so quickly? Why not just prolong Tristan a bit longer then instead? I did like Donovan dancing to Hotline Bling and telling the Countess he killed Rudolph but judging by the way this episode ended, I will not be devastated if he's dead after this episode. Matt Bomer's a great actor but Donovan's been a pretty pathetic and selfish character to actually enjoy, not to mention how horrible his relationship with the Countess has been to watch as well.

Guns At The Ready: This episode opened with the threat of both Iris and Liz deciding to end their suffering by killing themselves and then ended with the two of them banding together to kill the Countess and Donovan (I imagine only one of them will be dead next episode) in such a delightfully OTT fashion. In between all of that, the pair of them gifted Miss Evers with a new dryer while Liz reconnected with her son, Douglas who thankfully turned out to be understanding and not crazy. While both Liz and Iris have done terrible things, I have enjoyed their friendship over the course of this season though, but I still wouldn't stay in the Cortez, even if they took over the place.

Out Of The Hotel: And this week saw some actual progression with John and Alex. First of all, they admitted (at long last) to being terrible parents before rounding up all the vamp kids created by Alex and locking them in with Ramona and then taking Holden and getting out of the Cortez. Also during the episode, John claimed his ninth victim, learned about vampires in a way and incurred Sally's wrath by dumping her as well.

Legacies: If anyone will be more annoyed by John exiting the Cortez than Sally, I imagine it would be March who spent this episode making it clear that he had plans for John that extending the Ten Commandments killings. March also had some fun by rubbing it into the Countess for killing Will in the hotel as well when he wasn't setting a poor contracter alight too. Other than that, he didn't do too much to affect things this week.

Smarter When Dead: Not really but at least Will figured out the Countess's true intentions with him when she was confronted by his ghost briefly in this episode. Will at least seemed to have some concern about what the Countess might do to his son but aside from a new suit and seeing his 'wife' for what she truly is, I'm not entirely convinced that Will's IQ just became he's dead though.

The show returns in January and along with a character from a previous season making her stay at the Cortez.

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