Saturday, December 05, 2015

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Hotel - The Ten Commandments Killer

Back after a two week and finally the answer to an ongoing question is taken care of. Be warned, you will see this one coming.

Written by Ryan Murphy
Directed by Loni Peristere

And The Killer Is: The most obvious suspect going. A part of me was hoping there would be a twist and that John wouldn't be the killer but seeing how the episode laid out everything - his connections to March/Sally/Cortez hotel, his blacking out and so on, it actually made a lot of sense for him to be the Ten Commandments Killer and it also gave Wes Bentley the proper moment to shine as John succumbed to his true self by the end of this one. With only commandments left, who else is going to get killed by John?

A Man With Nothing To Lose: John was on the way to becoming a killer but it wasn't until both March and the Countess plotted to take Holden away from him did he finally succumb to his righteous bloodlust. In flashbacks, even before Holden went missing, we saw that his marriage to Alex was falling apart anyways. It even got to a point where she nearly ended up becoming one of John's victims before Sally was able to talk him around. By the way, Sally's last name is McKenna and the connection they share is still disturbing but less trite than early episodes had it.

Letting Go: In this episode alone, not only did we learn about John being the Ten Commandments Killer but so did Hahn, after John felt the overwhelming need to confess all to his former partner. We also learned that Hahn and Alex were having it off with each other and Hahn himself didn't make it out of this episode alive during one final confrontation with John. I can't really say that Hahn's death did anything for me. In fact, it did nothing because we knew very little about him until this episode to be honest.

Suffering A Little: After last week exploring the interesting dynamic between estranged couple the Countess and March, this episode gave them mostly scenes in flashbacks, such as an awkward dinner interrupted by Donovan (in his least petulant episode yet) and John (who pinged March in a big way) and March encouraging his ex-wife to kidnap Holden to send over John over the edge in a big, murderous kind of way, the scenes with the two might not have been many but they certainly did the trick though.

We All Knew: I did love the last scene in this episode where Iris fessed up to John that she was relieved to be able to openly talk to him about being the killer instead of wondering which version she'd get each time their paths would cross. Another scene I really liked was the start of the episode where Liz physically threatened John after being threatened one time too many. However this week we also had absences from Will, Ramona and Rudolph and Natacha after their introduction last week.

Next week, Donovan and Ramona have a wedding to stop and revenge to enact.

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