Wednesday, November 01, 2017

My Review of American Horror Story: Cult - Drink The Kool-Aid

Written by Adam Penn
Directed by Angela Bassett

Kai (to Ally/Oz): "Now we can be a real family."

Holy shit, they really went there, didn't they? All season long I've been reading theories about Kai actually being Oz's father (and clearly the writers were aware they'd be a thing as well) and this episode subverts the idea by actually having Ally trick Kai into believing that he actually has fathered a messiah child. Interesting move there, Ally.

Ally this week really upped her game. I did think for all of her talk in the previous episode that she'd crack and it certainly looked like she was going to due Kai's kool-aid session but it turns out that this steelier version of Ally might actually be here to stay after all and it wasn't just Kai who was flustered by Ally this week.

Nope, Ivy really didn't see being poisoned by her wife coming a mile off and she really should've done. Ivy was stupid enough to actually challenge Ally's newfound confidence and came a cropper when Ally calmly revealed that she had given her arsenic along with the pasta and wine for dinner. There's a part of me that should feel a bit bad for Ivy but she somewhat had this coming to her and she won't be missed, though I'd be fine with Alison Pill in another role next season though.

Ally being on fire this week was a good thing because none of the other female characters were. When Ivy wasn't blasting Ally, she was worrying over Winter, who spent most of the episode finally realising that her brother is actually deranged when she wasn't getting bitch slapped by Ally and Beverly for good measure.

As for Kai, well he's definitely become victim of his own hype. He played the kool aid game to test his cult's loyalty and had one of his cute/bland frat boy followers killed when the latter showed some semblance of sanity. Not to mention the fact that he lost his shit when Oz corrected him, only to completely believe Ally's story of actually fathering the boy in the first place. Either way, like all cult leaders, Kai's hubris is going to be his undoing and with two episodes left, it's about damn time.

- Evan Peters had the job of playing both David Koresh and Jim Jones in flashbacks and even Jesus Christ, which made me burst out laughing. We also saw Marshall Applewhite too.
- Vincent/Rudy has been added to his parents bedroom along with Ivy's corpse. If I were Winter, I'd definitely be worried about being next now.
- I'm guessing Wikipedia will be added to the list of sites that Kai will now be trying to ban before he's killed, right?
- Chronology: Not long from where the previous episode left off.

Drink The Kool Aid was another great episode and while I've missed not seeing her this season, it's nice that Angela Bassett came back to direct the episode. We're seeing the beginning of the end for Kai and his insane cult and the emerging of a strong, more ruthless Ally is also fun to watch.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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