Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Batman 66 - Episodes 37-40 Reviews

Still into the early days of the second season and there's a welcomed return of a feline femme fatale and another new villain for the show.

2x03: Hot Off The Griddle

It might be a bias of mine and I really don't care but if there's an episode that factors Catwoman into things, then I'm unable to dislike it. Returning for her second two parter in the role, this story has our Princess of Plunder setting up her own school for burglary with a new crew of willing blokes to help her with her latest scheming. Cue an alliance with a dodgy gossip reporter named Jack O'Shea and Catwoman herself having both Batman and Robin about to bake on top of a roof and there's no doubt that this story is telling us that she means business. 8/10

2x04: The Cat And The Fiddle

Things take an interesting turn in this one. I think this was the first time we actually saw Catwoman disguise herself as an old woman (something she did in her comics debut) and it was rather funny having her pose as Minerva Matthews while also getting fooled by Robin posing as Zubin Zucchini for good measure. It's a thrilling conclusion to the story with Catwoman's near escape by rocket foiled and of course, more hints of her not so subtle attraction to Batman (and of course, his to her as well). 8/10

2x05: The Minstrel's Shakedown

Ah, time for another lyrical baddie. This time around, a bloke calling himself the Minstrel, played by actor/singer Van Johnson and like the Archer before him, someone who supposedly wants to do but is willing to commit a crime in order to do it such as a little bit of blackmail. Of course when he slips up a little, the Dynamic Duo nearly have him caught before the pair of them end this one by nearly being barbecued as a result. 6/10

2x06: Barbecued Batman?

A better conclusion to an alright story. I did like that the Minstrel actually disguised himself to witness the city succumbing to his demands before he was foiled and while we had the right hand woman turned ally trope again with Amanda, it was done reasonably well enough. There's even an interesting moment where O'Hara expressed some doubt over the Dynamic Duo's secret identities before's he reprimanded by Gordon. It's not the best two parter we'll get in this season but it's watchable enough. 6/10

Next blog I'll delve into The Spell Of Tut/Tut's Case Is Shut and The Greatest Mother of Them All/Ma Parker

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