Thursday, May 30, 2019

Was the Throne Actually Worth It?

Basically, it's finale time for every single show that I'm discussing in this blog and for one show, it's a series finale that will leave a lasting impression.

911: The last five episodes have been mostly solid stories with more flashbacks for Bobby, an interesting take on Ocean's Eleven in one off-kilter episode and some tragedy for both Eddie and Buck in different ways. We did also see a brief separation between Maddie and Chimney before the finale brought them back together as well as a low key but sweet wedding for Bobby and Athena at the last minute. I'm not too sure what the third season will bring (aside from an upcoming spin-off with Rob Lowe) but I'll definitely be tuning in to find out.

Arrow: Season Seven has been as close to a return to the good old days as the show could do and while not everything worked (Emiko turned out to be a lacklustre baddie, got a rushed redemption and still died), this finale was still a strong note to end things on. We know that the Monitor has Oliver and soon Felicity in the not so distant future but next season will be building up towards Crisis On Infinite Earths and the CW's DC universe will come to the beginning of it's slow but sure ending of sorts. It's going to be one hell of a bumpy ride in the next few years.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: Whether these nine episodes that were just released Season 2 or the second half of the first season, I'm still confused but I'll admit, a few little bumps here and there aside, this was a solid enough return for the residents of Greendale nonetheless. The brief arrival of Lucifer in human form gave us more about Sabrina's origins in a manner that felt predictable but props to both Lilith and Zelda for getting their own way with ruling hell and the Church of Night. Getting Nick back next season should be interesting enough and it's nice that after several episodes of being at odds with them, Sabrina has her support system with Harvey, Roz and Theo.

Game Of Thrones: It's undeniable that the final season of this show has been controversial, has been rushed with only six episodes to tie up all the main threads and has made some questionable decisions with the actions of some of the main characters. Still though we've had some stunning battles with The Long Night and the polarising events of The Bells while The Last Of The Starks almost seemed like the calm between storms. The Iron Throne, while far from the worst series finale ever to befall a show is definitely a finale that should've been better and regardless of hints in prior seasons, I do think the show massively dropped the ball in it's depiction of Daenerys turning to the dark side and Jon being the one to stop. I won't go into the decision with Bran because it's still a terrible one but even though this season was a disappointment, it still pulled in record numbers, rating wise and I think we'll all be glued to the upcoming prequel series too.

Killing Eve: I hate to admit it but this show has suffered from difficult second album syndrome. The first season was consistently gripping from start to finish but this season despite some of it's best efforts has felt rather sluggish in parts. Having Villanelle and Eve working together in order to take down the tediously dull Aaron Peele wasn't quite as fun as it could've been, Carolyn and Konstantin's motives never seem to be clear, characters like Hugo and Niko add nothing to the show, Kenny was mopey and the last scene in the finale was a reverse of the previous finale but not quite as effective. Hopefully the third season due to film soon enough will get the show back on track.

Pose: Given how bad the ratings have been for BBC2, I'm slightly worried they won't air the second season or relegate it to a godawful timeslot and that's a shame. This show might be one of the most niche of television shows but it's still pretty great drama and the last two episodes of the first season were brilliant to watch. Predictable as it might have been, it was lovely to see Blanca win Mother Of The Year, to see Pray Tell get a new love interest and for Elektra to take a bit of a downfall before stylishly getting herself back up again. The Angel/Stan bits were less interesting but overall, I'll be back for seconds.

Supergirl: Without a doubt, the weakest season of the DC shows on the CW has ended and for the love of Zod, please let the writers be either a) fired or b) given a crash course in the nature of show, don't tell. The political backdrop was abysmally handled this season and with Agent Liberty being one of the dullest villains ever to grace any of these shows, I was disappointed that he wasn't killed off to be honest. On the other hand Brainy/Nia and Alex/Kelly are nice pairings, Lena FINALLY knows the truth about her best friend, Lex was a magnificent bastard in the finale, more Crisis stuff was hinted and we've got Leviathan to look forward to next season.

The Flash: Season Five has been pretty hit and miss in parts and the resolution to the arcs for Nora, Cicada (x2) and Eobard felt rather unsatisfying and the less said about Cisco's idiotic decision to remove his powers, the better tbh. Still though, at least we finally had Singh reveal that he knows about Barry being the Flash, more Crisis hints and a few cast departures as well. I am intrigued to see who will be the next main villain for the series and going by one scene, I think it's a safe bet that a significant person from Ralph's comic history will be appearing next season.

- Drew Van Acker will be guest appearing in the second season of Titans, playing Aqualad (Garth).
- Jessica Jones third and final season will stream on Netflix from June 14th while Orange Is The New Black's last one will be July 26th.
- The prequel series for Game Of Thrones has the title (for now) of Bloodmoon and has begun filming in Belfast.
- Empire's sixth season will be it's final season on with Jussie Smollett axed from the series.
- Amazon have the rights for Star Trek: Picard. A trailer for the series has been released.
- Sarah Michelle Gellar guest starred in the series finale of The Big Bang Theory.
- The Judoon will be returning for Series 12 of Doctor Who. There are also rumours of a musical episode for the series as well.
- Beverly Hills 90210 reboot is still on track to air in August on FOX despite losing showrunner and some writers.
- Criminal Minds fifteenth and final season will air on CBS in 2020 with only 10 episodes.
- Grey's Anatomy has been renewed for two more seasons while How To Get Away With Murder has been renewed for a sixth season.
- Humans has been cancelled by Channel 4 and AMC after three seasons.
- Gentlemen Jack has been renewed for a second season by BBC1 and HBO.

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